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138v-140r), copied around 1342, for which Scribe B never got around to adding rubricated letter-marks and paraph punctuation.
Paraphs or guide marks (usually in the shape "cc") often indicate smaller units of meaning as well as sentence punctuation.
Placed as they are here, the paraphs and guide marks indicate these internal, textual changes codicologically in the margins.
There are two different positions of paraphs here: marginal and mid-text.
60) Most noticeable is the punctuation: when HM 136 has a blue paraph, Caxton's edition almost always leaves a blank space for a handwritten one.
At his keynote address at the London Old and Middle English Research Seminar on the Auchinleck manuscript in June 2008, Shonk identified four styles of paraphs that appear within the manuscript.
I have found four features by which I can distinguish between the Wavy Top (a) paraphs and the Wavy Top (b) paraphs: length and shape of top stroke, length and shape of descender, shape of bowl and fill stroke, and finally, length and shape of bottom stroke.
Kathryn Kerby-Fulton (whose direct examination apparently provides the data on ink colors for Kelly Parsons's work) also notes that these paraphs are visibly in a different ink (which she describes as "orange-red" but I call "ruby") from the familiar red-ink annotations.
To summarize, the Big Red N is different paleographically from the N of the Red-Ink Annotator's hand, in notae and elsewhere, in the former's more angled duct and its flourishes; the Ruby Paraph is completely different from the Red-Ink Annotator's paraphs.
The same style of simple red flourishing is found decorating blue paraphs or one-line initials in all three manuscripts (see fig.
ix and San Marino, Huntington Library MS 131 both feature red paraphs in the margins like those of Rauner MS 003183, as well as similar colored initials.
Chapter numbers (in Roman numerals) are penned in the margins in scribal brown ink, and rubricators have then added red paraph marks in the margins next to the scribe's chapter numerals.