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Just as war commanders must know who their enemy is before they can attack, livestock owners must know what parasite has invaded their stock.
This is the malaria parasite most commonly found outside of sub-Saharan Africa, especially in Asia and Latin America.
To analyze the ancient parasite's DNA, the team rehydrated the coprolite to retrieve the parasite's eggs, after which they then proceeded to isolate the DNA from them.
An estimated 220 million people worldwide, mostly in tropical and subtropical regions, have malaria, and more than 400,000 die of the parasite infection each year, according to the World Health Organization.
"Mosquitoes are generally pretty good at killing off the parasite. We wanted to figure out the mechanisms and pathways that make that happen," said Ryan Smith, the lead author of the study.
Once within the snail, successful miracidia transform into a sporocyst, a sac-like structure that generates genetically identical cercariae (another small, swimming larvae--see Figure 1), which emerge periodically from infected snails to seek out the next host in the parasite's life cycle.
Dr Laurence Clarke from the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre said the parasite attacks other microscopic organisms at the base of the Southern Ocean food web.
The study found that platelets bind to and kill parasites in patients infected with each of the major malaria parasite species which infect and kill humans-Plasmodium falciparum, P.
Peter Preiser a professor at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University spoke to the ( BBC about what the parasite found in the soldier means.
Nonie Enolva, spokesperson for BFAR in the Bicol region, said that the agency's personnel observed the presence of a species of parasite called Phyllobothrium delphini in stranded sea mammals, sharks and stingrays.
The nightmare begins when a parasite invades an animal's body.
And if a parasite evolves to protect its host from a more deadly infection, has the enemy now become a friend?