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ab_a] are parasitic capacitances between the antenna and the earth, and between the antenna and the automobile body, respectively.
Due to the nature of living and working on farms, sheep dogs are at an increased risk of parasitic disease.
Physicians trained in Western medicine simply fail to consider that many parasitic infections exist in developed countries and thus clinicians lack the appreciation for the true threat that these diseases represent.
The report provides an analysis of parasitic partnering deals.
In my article, I took the fable of the parasitic astronaut from the philosopher Michel Serres as a metaphor for the damage we're doing to our environment.
Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the report, whilst chapter 2 provides an overview of the trends in parasitic partnering since 2009, including a summary of deals by industry sector, stage of development, deal type, and technology type.
Parasitic infestation in pediatric and adolescent appendicitis: a local experience.
lamblia, those infected with the protozoan were only 71 percent as likely to contract a parasitic worm.
Parasitic twin, also known as craniopagus parasiticus, are formed the same way as conjoined twins during the early stages of pregnancy.
In this design, the printed rectangular loop element encloses the main radiator, the printed dipole, which is inserted in the rectangular slit of the parasitic radiator's substrate, as shown in the lower diagram of Figure 1(a).