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The condition factor for fish without parasites and parasitised was estimated initially using length-weight relationship (W = [aL.
The mean and standard deviation of the condition factor for females, males and immature of parasitised and non-parasitised A.
intermedius without parasites and those parasitised (Figure 1).
In 24 samples, 1073 specimens of Astyanax intermedius without parasites constituted by 282 females, 334 males and 457 immatures, and 172 parasitised specimens, made up of 60 females, 66 males and 46 immatures, were collected and analyzed.
For both the parasitised and non-parasitised fish, the females had higher average weight in relation to males and immatures.
In the straight lines obtained from the data of weight and length of non- parasitised and parasitised fish, the variances were heterogeneous (F < 0.
The linear regressions and the length-weight relationship of Astyanax intermedius without parasites and parasitised by Paracymothoa astyanaxi with their equations and [r.
Moreover, there was no significant difference in the average seasonal condition factor for specimens of parasitised A.