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Sex hormones as a possible factor influencing the level of parasitization in frogs.
4,5) Neovascularization into the resulting granulation tissue and parasitization, with subsequent hypertrophy of normally occurring small systemic arteries within the inferior pulmonary ligament, then establishes the independent circulation.
That's a fairly impressive rate of parasitization for an experimental situation," says Guillermo Logarzo.
The "edge effect" comes into play here as well: forest birds nesting near a road or field are more vulnerable to predators and nestrobbers -- jays, raccoons, snakes -- and to parasitization by cowbirds (see sidebar).
Identification of microRNAs from Plutella xylostella larvae associated with parasitization by Diadegma semiclausum.
A study conducted in England of CCHFV in ticks collected from migratory birds found negative real-time PCR results for CCHFV, although the parasitization rate of birds with H.
Because the LT-SEM freezes and captures Varroa mites on bees at the moment of parasitization, the scientists have discovered some intriguing behavioral and structural patterns that allow the mite to hide on the bee.
Seasonal dynamics, parasitization and colour polymorphism of the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum (Harris) (Aphididae, Homoptera) on alfalfa in south part of the Panonian area.
These data indicate that in an area where thelaziosis is endemic in animal populations, there is also a risk for parasitization in humans.
Parasitization of Intraocular Leucocytes by Mollicute-Like Organisms.
cucurbitae pupal age on the parasitization, host mortality, development time, sex ratio and the longevity of adult progeny of P.