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usually parasitize in the lung and discharge their eggs into airways, which eventually come to the outside through sputum.
This is only a loss to the grower because they parasitize Lepidoptera and other such species, thus preventing a second generation of harmful insects eating the crop and reducing profits.
By the time the adult bee emerges from the cell, several of the mites will have reached adulthood, mated, and are ready to begin searching for other bees or larvae to parasitize.
Other possibilities ranged from rat zappers, anti-feedants and cellulose-based gut busters, all destined for adverse consumer reaction because they either paralyse or starve the pest, to the use of nematodes to parasitize flea larvae and parasitic wasps to deal with stored product moths.
The variation of greatest interest is the source species by host species and selection regime by host species interactions, which, if significant, would indicate the existence of genetic variation among nematodes in their ability to parasitize different host species.
Minute wasps that parasitize the pupae (cocoon-like dormant forms) of many types of common flies can be released into breeding areas to reduce new generations.
Brian Brown, the researchers provided the first documentation that the phorid fly Apocephalus borealis, previously known to only parasitize bumblebees, also infects and eventually kills honeybees - by leading them to abandon their hives at night.
These are very tiny wasps that parasitize the eggs of the grape leafhopper Erythroneura elegantula.
Some live in swamps, deserts, or arctic plains; some live in concert with other plants; some parasitize other plants; some depend on animals; and many are eaten by herbivores.