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Bronzed cowbirds may preferentially parasitize the hosts by which they themselves were raised (Payne et al.
Ichneumonidae can parasitize colonies of social wasps, even with adult wasps actively defending them (Soares et al.
mephiditis, parasitizes the striped skunk, the hooded skunk (Mephitis tnacroura Lichtenstein) and, curiously, the island fox (Urocyon littoralis (Baird)) in North America (Price et al.
By the time the adult bee emerges from the cell, several of the mites will have reached adulthood, mated, and are ready to begin searching for other bees or larvae to parasitize.
Other possibilities ranged from rat zappers, anti-feedants and cellulose-based gut busters, all destined for adverse consumer reaction because they either paralyse or starve the pest, to the use of nematodes to parasitize flea larvae and parasitic wasps to deal with stored product moths.
Minute wasps that parasitize the pupae (cocoon-like dormant forms) of many types of common flies can be released into breeding areas to reduce new generations.
You can eat your relatives but not your friends," could be the off-kilter credo of a tiny marine invertebrate called a sea squirt that can physically merge with, and parasitize, its own kin.
Tetrastichus howardi (Olliff) (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) can parasitize lepidopteran pests (Baitha et al.
Although cowbirds generally tend to forage and parasitize hosts in different areas, females may concentrate all activities into the same areas when food is abundant (Gates and Evans 1998).
I assumed the flies were attempting to parasitize the adult ants although I did not observe an ovipositional attempt.
The science of the single-celled Toxoplasma gondii is surprising in its possible implications--could a microbe that evolved to parasitize cats actually influence behavior in humans?
We will support you in reforms of energy system, but we will not allow you to parasitize on population.