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absoluta was based not only on the quantity of hosts it could parasitize but also on its host feeding behavior; the latter can caused 30% of extra mortality (Savino et al.
Ichneumonidae can parasitize colonies of social wasps, even with adult wasps actively defending them (Soares et al.
Ptdex simulans is known to parasitize a wide variety of mammalian species, especially carnivores, burrowing mammals and other medium-sized mammals (Hopla 1980, Durden et al.
This result indicates host choice by females is not random and female Screaming Cowbirds may preferentially parasitize nests of the foster parents.
pectoralis, the chigger Euschoengastia fronteriza parasitizes P.
Every morning, new flies emerged from pupation trays directly into the attack chamber where they could parasitize worker ants, which were trailing back and forth between 2 cups as they were automatically raised and lowered in each of the attack trays.
This parasitoid parasitizes pests in eucalyptus plantations such as Eupseudosoma involuta (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae), Euselasia eucerus (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae), Sabulodes sp.
aegyptiaca on Cordia myxa; apparently it only occasionally parasitizes D.
No complete life cycle of any mermithid parasite of Neotropical ants is known; but in a manner similar to the European mermithid Pheromermis villosa Kaiser that parasitizes sexuals of Lasius flavus (Fab.
The subfamily Gonatopodinae, characterized mainly by apterous females, parasitizes Hemiptera feeding on herbaceous plants, so that the species usually do not live in forests and prefer grasslands.