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However, this ability to parasitize can be altered according to the temperature conditions and this abiotic factor must be considered for the biological control efficiency with T.
Mites are known to be parasitic on both invertebrate and vertebrate animals and mites that parasitize mosquitoes are recorded in a few places worldwide.
only parasitize wild plants, some of them have become noxious weeds on a variable range of cultivated hosts [2].
Ichneumonidae can parasitize colonies of social wasps, even with adult wasps actively defending them (Soares et al., 2006).
Ptdex simulans is known to parasitize a wide variety of mammalian species, especially carnivores, burrowing mammals and other medium-sized mammals (Hopla 1980, Durden et al.
parasitize higher plants by tapping the xylem of their hosts, and are well-known as water parasites in water-limited habitats in arid and semiarid regions of the world (Kuijt, 1969).
Ormia ochracea parasitizes several species of field crickets in North America, and we recently discovered it parasitizing an introduced species, Teleogryllus oceanicus, in Hawaii (Zuk et al.
The SeNPV organism is also harmless to the scientists' other recruit: Cotesia marginventris, a wasp that parasitizes armyworms.
aphyllus parasitizes the arborescent cacti Echinopsis skottsbergii and Eulychnia acida.
2012), while Gymnoclytia paulista Townsend reportedly parasitizes E.
Species of Euplectrus (Westwood, 1832) (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) are gregarious larval ectoparasitoids that parasitizes many Lepidoptera species (Coudron et al.