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Dissecting parasympathetic nerve fibers in the fat pad might alter the heart's balance in autonomic tone, which "may increase the heterogeneity of atrial refractoriness" and promote fibrillation, they said.
1) Pathophysiologically, this phenomenon has been explained as previously-denervated sweat glands becoming reinnervated with sympathetic or parasympathetic nerve function.
The endothelial cells are triggered to release NO by acetylcholine from parasympathetic nerve fibres that are active during sexual stimulation.
Involvement of the parasympathetic nerve pathway inhibits normal constriction of the pupil and results in dilation.
The SA node, the primary pacemaker of the heart, is densely innervated by parasympathetic nerve fibers.
Release of acetylcholine (ACh) from parasympathetic nerve endings triggers muscurinic (M) receptors on the smooth muscle of the detrusor.

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