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The transactions comprise non-conforming residential mortgages originated by Money Partners Holding Limited, Kensington Group plc and Paratus AMC Limited (GMAC).
Mr Crawford said QFES is delivering the training to volunteers as part of its preparedness and response commitment to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games known as Operation Paratus.
Omnia paratus, a Latin phrase that means "prepared for all things," trended after the "Gilmore Girls" revival was released.
Technology as a tool saves labor; technology as ap- paratus creates artificial worlds, it enables experiences and practices that, without them, would not by any chance exist in an attenuated form, but would not exist at all.
Saab has integrated Handheld's Algiz 10X rugged tablet with Paratus, Saab's modular information system for emergency care.
One of the most recent projects is Paratus Telecom's announcement that it is developing a new network in Windhoek.
Mutavi deinde consilium, sequutusque exemplum veterum poetarum Lucretii, Virgilii, Horatii, Ovidiique, & recentiorum Sannazarii, Fracastorii, Vanierii, & Cevae, ceterorumque, qui nullam carminibus suis interpretationem adjecerunt, annotationes ipsas pressi, domique continui, paratus eas reddere, siquando hoc opus iterum typis committendum sit, idque aliis utile, & opportunum videatur.
salute to the servicesmilitary service's theme songs were presented by LCDR Reno Villanueva, USCG (Ret) and played accordingly, the Navy's "Anchors Aweigh," the Marines' "Marines' Hymn," the Army's "The Army Goes Rolling Along," the Air Force's "Wild Blue Yonder," and the Coast Guard's "Semper Paratus.
L' exemple est interessant en ce qu'il combine les deux adjectifs dira et furiale en les placant sur un meme plan, comme deux synonymes : Quippe in oculis erat omnis ille occulti paratus sacri et armati sacerdotes et promiscua hominum pecudumque strages et respersae fando nefandoque sanguine arae et dira exsecratio ac furiale carmen, detestandae familiae stirpique compositum; iis uinculis fugae obstricti stabant, ciuem magis quam hostem timentes (24).
There is a big trend moving back toward canning," says Chaya Foedus, owner of Pantry Paratus, a self-sufficiency store that supports consumers in the art of food preservation.
PCCW Global and Paratus Telecom of Namibia have signed an international MPLS and IPX interconnection agreement to enhance HD voice and MPLS network coverage in Namibia and neighbouring countries.
Your goal is semper paratus, but there will be times when you should not be flying.