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57.9% of the loans in the mortgage portfolio were originated by Platform Funding Limited (PFL), 20% by Verso Limited (Verso), 11.2% by Kensington Mortgage Company Limited (KMC), 7.4% by Southern Pacific Mortgage Limited and the remaining 3.6% of the loans were originated by GMAC-RFC Limited (now called Paratus AMC Limited).
A new player, Paratus Telecom, has launched LTE services to compete with those offered by MTC, while in late 2017 the regulator licensed Demshi Investment and MTN to provide mobile voice and data services and MVNOs.
NamPower has signed the Gridonline contract with Paratus Africa which will provide access to its national optical wire network here on Monday.
It's designed as a celebration of Warren's life and undoubtedly will end with a medley of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "Semper Paratus," the Coast Guard hymn, affectionately known as the "Corps song" by the Cavaliers.
On behalf of the men and women of the Coast Guard, I promise to keep fighting on your behalf to provide you with assets and equipment you need to effectively carry out your mission and to remain Semper Paratus, or Always Ready.
In Isaiah 14:9 we are told concerning Lucifer's fall that "Infernus subter conturbatus est in occursum adventus tui," implying that hell was in existence when it was disturbed by his arrival, (10) and in the Parable of the Sheep and Goats, Jesus says that the cursed shall depart into everlasting fire, "qui paratus est diabolo, et angelis eius" (Matt.
Yuhan Corporation and Sorrento Therapeutics announced that ImmuneOncia, a joint venture, or JV, formed in September 2016, has completed a private equity financing of $40M at a pre-money valuation of $95M, which was led by Paratus SP.
The transactions are backed by non-conforming residential mortgages originated by Money Partners Holding Limited, Kensington Group plc and Paratus AMC Limited (GMAC).
The goal is to support operational decision making with accurate insights delivered in a timely manner to the appropriate audience and to uphold our Service's motto of being "Semper Paratus,"--"Always Ready."
Finalmente, los soldados se contentaron con que los asesinos fueran ejecutados--occisum eum populus indifferenter, miles grauissime tulit statimque Diuum appellare conatus est, paratus et ulcisci, nisi duces defuissent; quod quidem paulo post fecit expostulatis ad poenam pertinacissime caedis auctoribus--(Suet.
2012 third reading using n-3/n-6 fatty acids, automatic BP ap- waist circumference paratus (Kivex UA 779), after 5 minutes rest Park et al.
To develop and support the Systems which enable the men and women of the Coast Guard to be Semper Paratus...