parcel of land

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The NBK in a notice Monday said the parcel of land had been subdivided into 268 quarter-acre plots with a reserved price of S.
Sunrise Energy Ventures, a Minnesota-based solar development company, has received approval from the City of Macomb, Illinois, to sell it a seventeen-acre parcel of land so that the firm can develop a solar farm.
Marwolo was far from the actual picture when it comes to who owned the parcel of land.
Oliver Childs, of Lambert Smith Hampton, said: "It's a small parcel of land, just under three quarters of an acre.
Their opinion is that only one farmer, on one parcel of land, at any one time can meet the requirements of the schemes," she said.
A parcel of land and buildings of approximately 27,007 square feet and any buildings at 54 Maple Street assessed to John F.
295 acre parcel of land that operates under a leasehold interest which expires in 2047.
The Senachwine Club (Club), the owner of a parcel of land in Putnam County, Illinois, requested a change of the assessment classification of several parcels of its land from residential (recreational) to agricultural.
Villeneuve is providing a 600-acre parcel of land for the facility and to stockpile wood waste inventory.
Officials with the Department of Interior appealed the ruling to the 9th Circuit, arguing that ownership of the parcel of land containing the cross would soon be transferred to a private entity, therefore curing the church-state problem.