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With some of these, as Osbert Lancaster put it in 1938 with pardonable exaggeration, 'the passer-by is a little unnerved at being suddenly confronted with a hundred and fifty accurate reproductions of Anne Hathaway's cottage, each complete with central heating and garage .
Thus, unchastity was a pardonable sin in men but not in women who fell into disgrace by an act of unchastity.
The consistent reference to Esmeralda Santiago's memoirs as novels in an otherwise revealing commentary or one critic's undue reliance on the formulas of therapeutic psychology and psychopathological explications with a suspiciously antique, vaguely colonial air can, in consequence, be regarded as pardonable slips or rare lapses.
Considering that this distinction was made after the publication of these reviews, this is a pardonable slip, but not something that does not deserve correction.
The general pardon also included list of pardonable and unpardonable offenses, which guided legal officers to pursue some crimes but not others.
Nothing remains of all these Princes," Orlando would say, indulging in some pardonable exaggeration of their rank, "except one digit," and he would take a skeleton hand in his and bend the joints this way and that.
Satan was no more pardonable, for he had committed unpardonable sin against the Holy Spirit.
The association also called for a base 10 per cent tax credit for companies that operate in remote northern areas, in addition to either a 15 per cent investment tax credit for eligible infrastructure, or a pardonable 25 per cent conditionally repayable contribution for infrastructure investments.
To encourage construction and operation of mining projects, the study recommends a base 10% investment tax credit, in addition to either a 15% investment tax credit for eligible infrastructure or a pardonable 25% conditionally repayable contribution for infrastructure investments.
That is their duty to one who did his utmost for the country, army and his soldiers, without flinching and with immense and pardonable pride.
And in this weather, when the cold wave seems to have mellowed and the sun is asserting its right to be seen, there's no pleasure more hedonistic, no sin as pardonable, as the joy of savouring an indulgent afternoon in the company of a preponderance of food.
My suspicion is that End of Animal is less a religious manifesto than a creative experiment; perhaps also a pardonable attempt to grandstand and attract some career-catalyzing critical attention.