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The pardoned inmates were sentenced to prison time by courts across Morocco.The Ministry of Justice announced the news on on August 20, the eve of Youth Day.
Besides this, blasphemy, desecration of the Holy Quran, cases involving Ruqya offenses (offenses concerning treatment by recitation of verses of the Holy Quran) and those falsely claiming to be Ruqaat, will also not be pardoned. Also, pardon does not cover any offenses coming under "Hudood" (The limits ordained by Allah) on which verdicts have been issued.
There was a possibility at the time for the pardoned persons to file requests to the head of state to have their pardons annulled.
Supreme Court, in Ex parte Garland (1866), explained that a pardon "may be exercised at any time after [a crime's] commission, either before legal proceedings are taken or during their pendency or after conviction and judgment." President Ford pardoned Richard Nixon the day after Nixon resigned and before any charges were filed.
Under the presidential decree, a total of 431 people were pardoned. Among them, 399 people were freed from the unserved part of their prison sentences.
The ex-President underlined the article 22 of the law reads even dangerous repeat offenders can be pardoned in case there are special circumstances or requests of members of the Parliament.
Across the UAE, Their Highnesses Supreme Council Members and Rulers of the UAE also pardoned prisoners ahead of the country's National Day celebrations.
In June, he pardoned conservative author Dinesh D'Souza and talked about pardons for other prominent convicts.
In March of 2017, 27 out of 127 prisoners endorsed for executive clemency by the DOJ were pardoned. These prisoners were given conditional pardon and commutation of pardon.
His Majesty the Sultan pardoned 274 prisoners on the occasion of Renaissance Day.
Among those Clinton pardoned on his last day in office was international financier Marc Rich, a fugitive whose ex-wife had made substantial donations to the Clinton Library and to Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign as well as other Democratic Party causes.
In a 5 February 2018 letter extended to Sudan Tribune , the chiefs, led by paramount chief, Gideon Alier Aluong said Agou, whose "health is declining and deteriorating because of chronic illnesses" deserves to be pardoned like some of the individuals who were equally jailed with him, but were pardoned.