pare down

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Newell credits Campbell with being instrumental in bringing MedCan and Inco together in helping to pare down the nickel producer's previous lost-time-to-injury rate.
"Traditional companies have to look for new and compelling ways to provide value to employees." In a world in which a few dot.coms have been offering BMWs to lure the best and the brightest, old-line companies have a tough time competing - though the emerging shakeout of some Internet-based businesses may help pare down the more outlandish inducements.
In December 1997, however, Jackson lost his outreach job as budget shortfalls forced a new set of Coalition leaders to pare down staff and programs.
Challenge campers to pare down their descriptions to include only the most vivid or' active words.
A slice from almost any point in the installation would reveal several of these "tendencies." (As if this multiplicity were insufficient, the final decade is titled "(Un)assigned Identities," unraveling all historical threads.) The refusal to pare down "Art in Chicago," either in scope or by privileging quality, combines with the often rough nature of the work to create an environment reminiscent of a garage sale.