pare down

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As part of their efforts to lower the federal deficit while providing $200 billion in tax cuts, they will try to eliminate or pare down agencies that support science and technology -- from the U.
But Governor Engler claims that Michigan, facing a budget deficit for the third year in a row, has no choice but to pare down.
It runs much faster than CodeMatch and can be used to give preliminary results and to pare down the number of files for CodeMatch to examine.
A different sponsor could pare down the event, she said.
ASARS was able to pare down its original estimate to $64.
SB 2 will spawn layoffs as small businesses pare down to get below the 20-employee cutoff.
Watchpoints pare down thousands of transactions a second to look at specific users, sites, functions, infrastructure elements, or parts of the Internet.
Screenwriter Ronni Kern and director John Kent Harrison pare down the story of Helen into a manageable four hours, hacking out major and minor characters alike in a word-processor equivalent of the Trojan War, but they don't make it terribly involving.
Following the acquisition, expected top-line growth and cost synergies should provide ample capacity to quickly pare down acquisition debt.