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A bit of paregoric will work wonders with a baby's upset stomach, you know, Mr.
Paregoric, also known as camphorated opium tincture, was once a favorite treatment for diarrhea as well as cough.
Then rummaging through the medicine cabinet that held bottles still from Chicago, he discovered an old vial of paregoric.
Agents such as paregoric and Imodium (loperamide) that decrease intestinal motility can induce ileus and other serious side effects, and should never be used in children under 2 years and only rarely in children under 12 years.
Epstein cites the monthly statements of 1940 to 1945 from two pharmacies in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, as evidence that Boissevain was purchasing "staggering quantities of Dilaudid, paregoric, Nembutal tablets, codeine, Progynon, phenobarbital, Benzedrine, hypodermic syringes, needles, and numbered prescriptions for ampules of morphine solution and Demerol.
The grandmother's list of cousins in their "natural" states includes drunks, womanizers, a "Jackleg" preacher, and a great aunt named Paregoric Annie who would beg for drug-money by removing her glass eye and asking for assistance in replacing it.
The most controversial provisions in the bill concerned restrictions on the sale of paregoric and corrosive sublimate of mercury: San Francisco and Pacific Druggist, 19(7):17 (March 1915).