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So some of the best fit chromosomes are selected from parent population according to some selection criteria (e.
p2], randomly selected from the parent population, as per Equation 1.
The sample parent population for this study was demographically unique when compared to parents in other school districts in the state.
For the situations and estimators considered here, t-based intervals generally are considered to be robust to deviations from normality of the parent population.
A statistic is a characteristic, determined for a sample, that can be used to estimate a parameter of the parent population, as long as the procedure for obtaining the sample was adequate; (mnemonic: statistic applies to a sample, parameter to a population).
Under ordinary and favorable circumstances, the number of offspring produced each year tends to be some fixed percentage of the parent population, a relationship that leads to an exponential growth curve for the population.
The importance of articulating our passion for helping a very diverse parent population in need cannot be underestimated," says UACF Board President Tina Mata.
I don't find it too outrageous that the majority of neutron stars are born in a different state than the Crab pulsar, and it is these objects that could make up the parent population of these RRATs," says David Helfand (Columbia University), a leading neutron-star observer.
We did not expect heterotic effects in crosses between populations comparable to crosses between inbred lines because each parent population was largely heterozygous in genetic makeup.
A list of parents who were representative of the parent population of the school was requested.
School officials described Doe and the others as a small group of dissident parents who do not reflect the parent population at large.
He also argues that zoos and other game managers should attempt to establish that Borneans paired for mating trace back to the same geographically distinct parent population.

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