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For this purpose, the child population CP is combined with the parent population PP to generate intermediate population IP.
(6.1) Is the best offspring in the offspring population also the best over the current parent population?
It is called parent population. Each chromosome is the combination of ten numbers (allele).
In this recombination operator, the recombined individual [x.sub.xo] is a ratio between the two parents, [x.sub.p1] and [x.sub.p2], randomly selected from the parent population, as per Equation 1.
The parent population was 86% female had an average age of 35 years, and were almost evenly divided between blacks and Hispanics.
The parent population was 86% female, had an average age of 35 years, and was almost evenly divided between blacks and Hispanics.
Similarly, with a larger parent population, schools may find it easier to attract enough parents to support a parent-teacher organization or school fair.
I remember being part of the successful campaign 12 years ago to persuade the majority Muslim parent population of Willowbank Primary School in the West End of Glasgow to vote down plans for a separate Muslim school.
The Nicaraguan lobster population is also the parent population for spiny lobster stocks elsewhere in the Caribbean.
And although regional events like the Twin Cities one are incredibly well-attended--a whopping 1,100-plus people attended Rainbow Families' blowout last February, and Rainbow Families Wisconsin has a number of events planned every year--few states have groups that are sufficiently organized to reach a large segment of the gay parent population.
A lot of our parent population has had little or no formal educational training and many learn to read and speak English as their children learn," according to Kay Reynolds, Principal of Richardson Independent School District's Dobie Primary for over thirteen years.
The sample parent population for this study was demographically unique when compared to parents in other school districts in the state.

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