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Results: Finding of the present study showed that perceived parental rejection is a significant predictor of disruptive behavior disorders e.
Conclusion: The perceived parental rejection increase emotional disorders e.
Usually parents need to give at least eight weeks' notice in writing to their employer if they want to take shared parental leave, and must include certain information in this notice.
This perspective also involved the perception of facilitation and independence that is provided by the parental figures as well as sustenance.
Hence, parental attitudes towards education may vary according to the gender of children when parents consider cultural backgrounds of their societies.
This legislation enables changing custody arrangements and even impeding the contact of one of the parents if parental alienation is determined to exist.
Under Senate Bill 1064 known as 'An act providing for parental leave and other benefits to workers in private and public workers,' an employee or working couples who have parental responsibilities would be given additional 15-day leaves aside from leave privileges they are enjoying under existing laws.
In addition, the firm will provide other benefits for attorneys when they go back to work after the parental leave.
For example, in states with parental notice or consent mandates, which represent the vast majority of states, teenage girls facing an unplanned pregnancy must obtain permission from a parent or, alternatively, from a judge to receive abortion care.
Adoptive parents are entitled to the same financial benefits and can take parental leave for the first three years that the child is in the family, under the same conditions as those for biological parents.

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