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Key words: Perceived parental rejection, defiant disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorder, children, single parents.
To measure the relationship between perceived parental rejection, parental control and psychological maladjustment in a group of convicts.
Understanding social anxiety through adolescents' perceptions of interparental conflict and parental rejection.
Table is showing correlation between Parental Rejection scores with Dependency
Similarly, with respect to delinquency, the results indicated that poor maternal attachment and parental rejection predict delinquency [F (2,170) = 9.
Parental warmth is associated with socially valued outcomes in the child whereas parental rejection appears to be associated with outcomes which are not socially valued outcomes which makes the parents important for the children and creates a conflict free relationship, which results in lessening of non-empathic behavior like aggression and enhancing of empathic behavior among children.
Parental rejection is not a specific set of actions rather it is a belief held by the children.
According to Hardy (2002), "The most egregious form of rejection that anyone can ever experience is parental rejection.
Two aspects of parental rearing behavior were examined in this study, specifically parental rejection and parental nurturance.
Aggressive behavior in adolescents may be fueled in part by the depression associated with perceived parental rejection, said William W Hale III, Ph.
Parental rejection isn't something the likeable Kutcher has suffered too much in his own life.