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Their findings suggest that the students in our study likely experienced much less parental rejection when compared to an average American sample recruited from the community.
Prior work has shown that exposure to early childhood parental rejection, as measured by frequency and severity of parental violence, predicted RS and attachment issues in adulthood (see Feldman & Downey, 1994).
The mean scores, modes, and minimum and maximum values for each of the nine predictors (peer relations, parental nurturance, parental rejection, self-esteem, body image, pubertal status, SES, conduct problems, and hyperactivity/inattention), and for the dependent variable (depression score), are presented in Table 1.
Aggressive behavior in adolescents may be fueled in part by the depression associated with perceived parental rejection, said William W.
Parental rejection isn't something the likeable Kutcher has suffered too much in his own life.
Parental rejection isn't something the likeable Ashton has suffered: "I usually do pretty good off the bat, that first impression thing.
BOSS: Being fired can recall a memory of parental rejection.
Instead, the villains in these guys' lives are the variety of evils that have brought them to prostitution: childhood molestation, parental rejection, or just the simple daily burden of survival.
The parental rejection, along with the other pressures faced by young gays and lesbians, place them at greater risk of drug abuse and suicide, the bishops said.
Parental rejection was defined by whether the mother had reported the pregnancy as unwanted, tried to have an abortion, or whether the baby did not live at home for at least four months in the first year of life.