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In pursuit of such experiences, Parentheses succeeds in capturing their complexity: "Time expands as a result of anxiety.
The overwhelmingly vast majority of Cummings's hundreds of poems include parentheses in any number of forms.
The number of possible ways to insert parentheses grows exponentially with the number of letters in the exponential tower, following the sequence 1, 1, 2, 5, 14, 43, 132,.
Metronome markings also are included, and I applaud me decision to put them in parentheses, since modern interpretations of these standards often vary widely in tempo.
The musical parentheses of jaunty sea chanteys at the beginning and end of each disk contribute not only a sense of continuity, but also lend a realistic old New England seacoast flavor to the tale.
Truss gives easy to understand instructions as to where and when and how to use such wonderful marks as apostrophes, commas, dashes, colons, semicolons, exclamation marks, ellipses, parentheses, brackets, and more.
A period is always at the end of a sentence, but parentheses are harder to predict.
If using parenthetical citation as above, please note that the quotation ends with a period followed by the reference; there is no period after the parentheses.
Thus, in our notes, when we explain things like gerunds, participles and restrictive clauses, we briefly clarify these terms in parentheses before going on to explain [usage].
The number 1 in parentheses is added to the amount of interest paid (represented by the letter i).
For instance, you can click on the Modify Reports button to choose cash or accrual accounting, set filters, have negative numbers in parentheses, with a minus sign, or bright red if you so desire.
The percent of calories from fat and grams of fat in each dish are in parentheses following the name.