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The short poem "pieces (in darker" (CP 623) has two pairs of parentheses, and quantitatively most of the poem is parenthesized.
* a balanced string S of multiple types of parentheses. Each edge is encoded by a pair of parentheses of a given type; and
Parentheses may be used like commas to set off explanatory information (see Chapter 28).
With three words (ignoring the article "a"), the Catalan number 2 tells us we have two essentially different ways to insert parentheses. The next Catalan number is 5.
Correctly used, dashes and parentheses are invaluable, of course.
In fact, raise a glass to the entire Gang of Eleven: apostrophe, brackets, colon, comma, dash, ellipsis, exclamation point, hyphen, parentheses, period, question mark, quotation mark and semicolon.
Periods should be renamed "parentheses," because when you first start getting it, you never know when it's going to come along.
So, too, will sentences that run to more than one hundred and fifty words, sometimes interrupted by as many as three sets of parentheses. Perhaps it is apt that Pantano should recount Petrarch's slow progress in a book that can only be slowly read.
The current CPCU exams will credit for exams in the new curriculum, which are indicated in parentheses:
Parentheses, various kinds of brackets, and other devices within the text (here transliterated) require careful attention:
Thus, in our notes, when we explain things like gerunds, participles and restrictive clauses, we briefly clarify these terms in parentheses before going on to explain [usage]."
The number 1 in parentheses is added to the amount of interest paid (represented by the letter i).