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Similarly, Webster (124-5) finds another instance of using the parenthesis not only to suggest the moon, but actually as a substitution for the word moon itself, in CP 571:
1-30) gives a survey of earlier research (from various disciplines) on parenthesis in general and in biblical Hebrew in particular.
The team at Parenthesis have plenty of challenges in their working lives.
The box-office figures are expressed in millions in parenthesis.
The box--office totals are expressed in millions in parenthesis.
The figure in parenthesis represents the sales development in comparable stores.
Parenthesis, which is based at the Canal Basin, just outside the city centre, picked up two national Fresh Awards for creative design work carried out for a prospectus for Coventry University.
Parenthesis, the Coventry-based design and marketing communications agency, has won the contract to design and print the new Shakespeare Country Guide 2005 for South Warwickshire Tourism.
Students Babis Alexiadis (above, far right) and James Munt (second right) have been working in residence at Coventry-based communications agency Parenthesis producing their work as part of a scheme run by Arts and Business.
Parenthesis indicate words that are difficult to read because of the quality of the fax.
Anne Bjerge Hansen's work, Middle Lands, has been commissioned for the centre as part of a scheme with Parenthesis, a Coventry-based design and marketing communications agency.
Midlands design, marketing and communications agency Parenthesis has landed a major scoop to start 2004.