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Rather than simply reporting the horrors of war, In Parenthesis dares to offer hope.
Similarly, Webster (124-5) finds another instance of using the parenthesis not only to suggest the moon, but actually as a substitution for the word moon itself, in CP 571:
1-30) gives a survey of earlier research (from various disciplines) on parenthesis in general and in biblical Hebrew in particular.
Let match(i) be the position in S of the matching parenthesis of S[i].
The team at Parenthesis have plenty of challenges in their working lives.
The box-office figures are expressed in millions in parenthesis.
In Parenthesis held its world premiere on May 12, at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, and Pontio Bangor will be screening the production on Sunday.
Field has been created by award-winning international art and design collective Squidsoup, and commised by the WNO to accompany its new opera In Parenthesis.