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The lyric, which consists of five four-line stanzas, parenthesizes the three first lines of the last stanza (I leave the first pair of parentheses for consideration later):
The precipitate ascription of a realist explanation of Gothic forms presupposes their invention by an individual, and also a will in that individual to imitate nature; Ruskin's animation (his virtual anthropomorphizing) of these forms, and his suggestion of a logic in the resolution of structural problems that works itself out impersonally over time, on the other hand, parenthesizes the individuality of the makers of these forms and implicitly renders their making anonymous, collective, trans-individual.
Following are the five major nonlife insurance companies' unconsolidated results in billions of yen in fiscal 1998, which ended March 31, with percentage changes from the previous year in parenthesizes.
packs so much into each paragraph, reads the Greek text with such close grammatical detail, so frequently parenthesizes transliterations or lists of ancient parallels.