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The four words that open and close the passage, parenthesizing the insistent repetition, together carry Garren's larger elegiac argument: "even then," which is how loss levels out time and memory into its present; and "the book," which is both matchbook and poetry book, and so declares just how little exclusive is the poet's claim on the past that her writing is said to shape.
Charnet knows, of course, his value, today and then, as a "fatherless" child; yet so much presses in upon him, and all of us, privileging that which we need not privilege, parenthesizing natural energies that must, it seems, coil in upon themselves in order to, in their later adult release, achieve something, some still felt-to-be derisory realization, of what love, joy, might have been, and now, spectrally, still are.
But after years of in-jokes, of bashing most straight people, we've sobered, noticing a bigger world parenthesizing the Castro and the West Village.
to serve the main ideas, showing the grammatical relationships, carrying standards of social acceptability, modifying, qualifying, parenthesizing, and providing useful redundance.
We take the sequential composition operator to be of lower precedence than the conditional test or while loop, parenthesizing with begin.