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We identified six groupings of potential attendees (the parenthetic number shows how many actually attended):
For example, idiosyncratic punctuation (e.g., placing a comma only at the end of parenthetic comments) does not aid readability.
The two parenthetic figures hold a fruit and a flower, respectively, and lift their free arms in ritualized gestures.
Rather, her aim is to exemplify all different classes of parenthetic expression in narrative Biblical Hebrew, their means and expressions, and to do so by way of a multi-disciplinary analysis.
Normal discourse can contain off-topic propositions and still maintain coherence through the use of particular strategies, such as topic change indicators and parenthetic explanations.
"Parenthetic citation," "thesis," "split infinitive" and even the parts of speech are jargon to adults who have been away from the language of writing classes for years.
While elaborating the general structure of writing as infinitely repeatable inscription even in the absolute absence of the addressee and author, Derrida states, although in a parenthetic, bracketed sentence: '(iter, once again, comes from itara, other in Sanskrit, and everything that follows may be read as the exploitation of the logic which links repetition to alterity)'.
of Graz) presents one of the few monographs specifically dedicated to parenthetical verbs, which he prefers to call reduced parenthetic clauses (RPCs).
In this research, I have chosen to indicate this with the parenthetic phrase (pbuh).
However, the 'artigli' are immediately blunted and turned to clichee by the parenthetic 'come si dice', which deftly pre-empts any heightened tones in the rest of the text.
That is, by suggesting how psychoanalytic theory both conceals and reveals the internal logic of masculine hierarchies, this essay postulates that black masculinity, though seemingly central, is in fact ultimately parenthetic to the play's core axiom which seeks to stage, in three distinct but related ways, a coherent image of white masculinity.
And that parenthetic observation points to some editorial concerns I have with this book.