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All references to the journal entries appear parenthetically in the text and are abbreviated N.
We learn of significant events--such as his marriage, his separation from his wife, or the death of his father--almost parenthetically, as if such details would detract from the pursuit of lucre.
Parenthetically, I have always argued that we sometimes put the cart before the horse in disproportionately celebrating performance-oriented music at the secondary school level.
New York Times media writer David Carr parenthetically noted in last week's column, "My boss likes to point out that I tweet constantly but Twitter never sends me a check.
com/sports/fantasy/baseball/salaries/2013/yankees/player/all/) USA Today (where indicated parenthetically in the captions below the photographs in the slideshow above) -- players in the actual Opening Day lineup last year were paid annual salaries amounting to about $136.
Word "caution" is also in the dictionary of the driver of formula 1 parenthetically releasing the brakes slowly still does not make you a skilled driver.
policy and its execution and I would note, parenthetically, that Central Asia management at the NSC belongs to the senior director for Russia.
Note, parenthetically, that I chose the Masoretic-based sources owing to the extreme measures the Masoretes used to promote accuracy (H.
New York: HarperCollins, 1992), cited parenthetically henceforth.
Agency," for instance, she describes parenthetically as "a woman's ability to make choices and take action even in difficult circumstances.
The tax effect for each component must either be disclosed parenthetically (as shown in the Exhibits) or in a note to the financial statements.
Certainly, financing is one obstacle (which we are, by the way, also addressing with our Emerging Enterprise Venture Capital Program[TM])," Kovitz added parenthetically.