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As with her first pregnancy, Brent relates the fact of her second almost parenthetically, again in connection with Flint's reaction: "When Dr.
2 Brigid Brophy, Mozart the Dramatist (New York: Harcourt, Brace & World, 1964), 15; hereafter cited parenthetically as Mozart.
Parenthetically, I find it interesting that severe criticism of dead popes, even from high-ranking churchmen (and Ratzinger is not alone among them), seems to be acceptable.
Not only does the price preclude private ownership for most people, but the edition also lacks the reader-friendly, if inauthentic, translations of Latin quotations which appear parenthetically in Holbrook Jackson's version.
I also note here, parenthetically, on tomes of another genre, that de Laguna's whodunits of the 1930s are now being reprinted and will be of interest to readers wishing to discover yet another side of her remarkable lifetime of productivity.
There is something truly rancid in Gottlieb's petty handling of Truffaut, whom he accuses of "egotistical self-aggrandizement" while parenthetically attempting to sotto voce his slur by qualifying that trait as "charming and forgivable.
of California Press, 1988), 7; hereafter cited parenthetically.
For this reason, many parenthetically bracket her eclectic work under the interdisciplinary rubric of multimedia/ performance art.
The actress's one-day walk-off from the set is portrayed as a personal epiphany, and veteran director Robert Towne's vital summary of his dealings with the actress--"Of all the actresses I have worked with in Hollywood, going back a lot of years, to my earliest days, Michelle was the most difficult"--is tucked parenthetically into the middle of the story.
Parenthetically, the resulting shift toward shorter-lived investment goods means that more gross investment is required to provide for replacement of the existing capital stock as well as for the net investment necessary to raise tomorrow's living standards.
Similarly, the report points out a marketing plan for video games that refers to the target market as "males 17-34 due to M rating" yet, parenthetically, "the true target is males 12-34.
1 Robert Creeley, Autobiography (Madras: Hanuman, 1990), 93: hereafter cited parenthetically.