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While admitting that the pariah is an abject and even dangerous
Activating the Pariah (6) My feet float in solemn glory And I, I am Dancing too.
Nearer home there is Burma, which in the past nearly two decades has transformed itself from a regional pariah state to an international pariah state with an agenda at the UN Security Council.
Dr Mark Spalding PhD of the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre pointed out in Geographical's January 2002 issue that apart from a `few pariah scientists there is probably greater agreement over the fact of human-induced climate change than over Darwin's theory of evolution.
Pariah were an ocean of calm, using swirling synthesisers and choral effects to earn a deserved ovation.
Indeed, according to Herzog it is "contempt for pariah groupings" that was "the ground of unholy community between conservatives and democrats" (p.
He saddled a winner at his local track on Wednesday (Pariah) and Saturday (Charnwood Jack), and is represented again by Pariah and Rinus Major at the picturesque South Lakeland venue today.
For international terrorists, the transformation from public pariah to trusted name won't come easily.
Pilate, the famous literary midwife in Toni Morrison s Song of Solomon, functions as conjure woman, healer, mother, sister, necessary pariah, and caretaker of the community.
Last July, President Clinton signed a law to reform the tax-collecting pariah and make it a friendlier institution.
The pro-apartheid National Party gained political momentum it had lost years before, largely due to the intense "rally 'round the flag" boost that all sanctioned pariah governments - from South Africa to Iraq - tend to enjoy.
Properly understood, however, Amendment 2 was not, as Justice Scalia would put it, an unexceptional effort to block a group from obtaining special privileges, but rather an effort to single out a group for pariah status.