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The full integration of Bretons into the fabric of Padsian life took several generations, it is true, but was ultimately successful, to the point that the pariahs of the nineteenth century have become "provincials like any others with a charming French past.
Yet I do not challenge the Likudniks to a debate, because the maximum I can do against them is boycott them, as I refuse to sit with these modern-day pariahs.
world and the transportation and implied extermination of the pariahs.
It is a discourse that self-consciously considers how the idea of pariah and rejection style the self in being both nomadic and reflexive.
I cringe at this craven and transparent attempt to legitimise and make respectable these social pariahs who perform no other function than to raise revenue with menaces.
He said it was hard to balance persuading smokers to stop without making them into social pariahs.
Alex and Luther seem to be the only high school students interested in learning more about managing forests, but because they even dare to question the views of most of the people in town--who believe the government and conservation policies are responsible for shutting down the lumber industry--they are considered pariahs.
The best-selling female group of all time thought it would be appropriate to have their (since) ironically labeled ``Top of the World'' tour filmed, and to their credit they kept the video cams around as fallout from the off-the-cuff remark turned the Chicks into right-wing punching bags and pariahs to large swaths of once-adoring conservative country music fans.
Widows such as Kathy Trant became national pariahs for going on spending sprees with their windfalls while others refused to take a penny because it was given on condition that they didn't sue the airlines or the World Trade Center.
As a result, these pariahs are losing revenue by the millions because they can't bid on and/or satisfy their customer orders.
In so far as we do not cure the politics of exclusion which made the Banyamulenges into pariahs, condemned to living in camps outside our country, we allow such massacres to happen.
On par with these new food pariahs were the once-highly recommended white breads and pastas.