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"Peelers and paring knives are two of the most requested items in kitchenware," says Denise Bernstein, marketing and sales manager.
The S&P BSE Sensex rallied 1.3% to 20,791.93 at the close, paring the month's loss to 1.8%.
IKEA 365+ paring knife; Twin Cuisine peeling knife; Global GSF Series 8cm peeling knife; SKARPT paring knife; Tesco Professional vegetable knife
I, and a bunch of other people with great-colored hair, gathered around a little table he had next to the refrigerators, our jaws set, determined not to buy anything, just there to get a free paring knife.
The line comes with a sheepsfoot knife, a paring knife and a utility knife.
The paring of $75 million in expenses, also by the end of next year, will include reductions in employees' medical-benefits packages in favor of leaner, more modular types of coverage; an end to offering retiree medical benefits for employees currently under age 36; and provision for a "less generous" retiree medical package for those 36 and over.