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The Kyocera3-Inch Paring Knife with Vertical Double Edge Peeler is available in red, black or green and comes in a boxed package, with a suggested retail price of $29.
IKEA 365+ paring knife; Twin Cuisine peeling knife; Global GSF Series 8cm peeling knife; SKARPT paring knife; Tesco Professional vegetable knife
I, and a bunch of other people with great-colored hair, gathered around a little table he had next to the refrigerators, our jaws set, determined not to buy anything, just there to get a free paring knife.
The bank said that it is 'almost done' with paring USD20bn of loans and securities from its balance sheet.
The Alton's Angles line consists of three paring knives with a handle angled about 20 degrees: the perfect angle, he said, "for allowing full blade contact on the cutting board.