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Parkways were to be divided by wide median strips, and their pavements had generous widths.
Cheney proposed the first grade-separated parkway following the Arroyo Seco from Pasadena to Los Angeles and was modeled after the suburban parkways of New York.
The adjustment of parkways to the freeway era has been problematic at best, as they were designed for fewer and slower cars, and for recreational driving.
49) Economic expediencies also helped the shift from the vision of parkways to the reality of freeways.
Above the Hutchinson River Parkway, small planes and helicopters use a flight path that cuts off a parkway curve and actually veers straight across at least one of the proposed monopole locations.
As developers, we are always concerned about the exterior presence of our properties and we focus on the exterior," said Robert Skolnick, vice president of Jack Parker Corporation, which owns a campus property near the Hutchinson River Parkway in White Plains at 1311 Mamaroneck Avenue on a hill across from the Saxon Woods pool entrance.
Rather than just providing spectacular mountain views, the Blue Ridge Parkway was intended to expose visitors to a variety of rural scenes, from mountain peaks to valley farms.
Now the challenge is to make everyone along the parkway understand the threat.
Immediately after the change was announced, local developer Len Boone announced a proposal to build houses on 317 acres open fields bisected by the parkway that he plans to buy from Nicholas Beasley.
Gilroy, City of -- Lions Creek Parkway Trail - $492,000
Mariposa County -- Mariposa Creek Parkway Acquisition - $300,000
Mattole Restoration Council -- Upper Mattole River Parkway - $962,000