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The detection system includes receiver sensors mounted on either side of the Hutchinson River Parkway with an infrared transmitter in advance of the King Street Bridge, creating an infrared beam over the road.
It also added new technology on the King Street Bridge that actively sends warnings to truck drivers potentially entering the Parkway through their CB radios.
(48) By 1940, the president of the Studebaker Corporation would declare that "in highways lies a new national frontier for the pessimist who thinks frontiers have disappeared." (49) Economic expediencies also helped the shift from the vision of parkways to the reality of freeways.
On the one hand, it thoroughly undermined proposals made by various public transportation advocates during the 1920s and 1930s to establish a linked transportation system that included parkways, rail (including a rail system along the median strip of a parkway), buses, and even bicycles.
As automobile travel increased, the rising numbers and the higher travel speeds of cars on the nation's roads and parkways illuminated the deficiencies in early road design.
At the same time, however, parkways in the 1930s, such as the Merritt, Taconic, and Arroyo Seco parkways, linked cities to recreational and residential areas farther and farther away from the city core.
But its tactical location is perfect for cellular users, because at this time the area south of Exit 22 to the Cross County Parkway is a cellular wasteland, and most drivers either lose their calls or cannot begin them in this section - making even 911 calls impossible.
Above the Hutchinson River Parkway, small planes and helicopters use a flight path that cuts off a parkway curve and actually veers straight across at least one of the proposed monopole locations.
said, "This system will undoubtedly make our roads safer and protect our vital infrastructure from unnecessary damage, and I congratulate Governor Cuomo and the State Department of Transportation on its completion." Queens Borough President Melinda Katz said, "The installation of this new over-height vehicle detection system on a key section of the Grand Central Parkway will help prevent accidents, traffic delays and infrastructure damage.
The New York State Department of Transportation has installed similar equipment at five locations on the Hutchinson River Parkway in Westchester County, three locations on the Northern State Parkway on Long Island and one location on the Onondaga Lake Parkway in Salina, near Syracuse.
The parkway begins at Waynesboro, Virginia, about 125 miles southwest of Washington, D.C., and ends near Waynesville, North Carolina, about 125 miles northeast of Atlanta.
Parkway designers used construction techniques learned from the earlier building of Skyline Drive through Shenandoah National Park, but the concept was somewhat different.