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These first parkways designed for the car followed serpentine routes, which enabled automobiles to flow at uniform speeds through naturalistic landscapes.
During the 1930S Los Angeles planners, aware of the parkway construction in eastern cities, started to envision the creation of "greenbelts across the city"--parkways that would address the region's increasing traffic while at the same time encourage "highway recreation" and "outdoor sightseeing.
In early parkways of the East only native materials were used for planting, while fencing was "indigenous": walls of local stone, post-and-rail barricades, and zigzag snake fences of split rails.
But its tactical location is perfect for cellular users, because at this time the area south of Exit 22 to the Cross County Parkway is a cellular wasteland, and most drivers either lose their calls or cannot begin them in this section - making even 911 calls impossible.
Above the Hutchinson River Parkway, small planes and helicopters use a flight path that cuts off a parkway curve and actually veers straight across at least one of the proposed monopole locations.
As developers, we are always concerned about the exterior presence of our properties and we focus on the exterior," said Robert Skolnick, vice president of Jack Parker Corporation, which owns a campus property near the Hutchinson River Parkway in White Plains at 1311 Mamaroneck Avenue on a hill across from the Saxon Woods pool entrance.
The parkway begins at Waynesboro, Virginia, about 125 miles southwest of Washington, D.
The idea of the modern parkway--a scenic road for leisure driving--was actually born on the outskirts of New York City around World War I with the building of the Bronx River Parkway.
Rather than just providing spectacular mountain views, the Blue Ridge Parkway was intended to expose visitors to a variety of rural scenes, from mountain peaks to valley farms.
Big Sur Land Trust -- Moo Land Project: A Segment of the Carmel River Parkway - $1,925,000
Big Sur Land Trust -- Palo Corona Project: A Segment of the Carmel River Parkway - $1,381,000
Gilroy, City of -- Lions Creek Parkway Trail - $492,000