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The article is located in the Parlance Corporation Newsroom at
“This is something Parlance has a tremendous amount of expertise in, and we're happy to assist our customers in overcoming what has to date been an unworkable problem.”
* Why Parlance couldn't believe their eyes when reviewing the new performance data
“Many organizations implement automated attendants without first laying out the groundwork for success,” Mark Bedard, Director of Marketing at Parlance Corporation, states.
Mark Bedard, Director of Marketing at Parlance Corporation, states, “This article looks at the pitfalls when developing an auto attendant script and some new methods to account for the human factor.” He continues, “Michele has played a crucial role in bringing the caller experience to the front of our offer, and she really nails it on this one in regards to the scripts used to interact with callers.”
Texas A&M University will partner with Parlance Corporation to present the webinar on February 26th at 2pm EST.
“I'm happy to tell our story and show the improvements we've made with the help of Parlance.”
Dennis, MA, May 09, 2012 --( Deanna Lohnes, CEO and Founder of Parlance Media, a copywriting agency specializing in web copy for solo entrepreneurs, recently released the second edition of Parlance Media's human resources guide.
This is the first-ever Urdu dictionary of women's parlance and was compiled by Syed Amjad Ali Ashhari.
Singh on Saturday clarified on the controversy over words 'shaheed' or 'martyr' for policemen/soldiers killed in action and said all were martyrs but in the official parlance, it was termed as 'battle casualty'.
Already, four foreign re-reinsurance players like Germanys Munich Re and Hannover Re, Switzerlands Swiss Re and Frances SCOR are in receipt of the preliminary approval, called R1 in the insurance parlance.
In common parlance, Chimonanthus praecox goes by the name of 'Wintersweet'.