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Zen is licensed exclusively by Surge Licensing, the same people who parlayed another independent comic, 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' into a worldwide phenomenon.
Turner parlayed a single UHF station in Atlanta in 1970 into a global colossus that includes a smorgasbord of cable channels, movie studios and professional sports teams.
The 10-county Northern California region will benefit from this grant, parlayed with a $150,000 federal match.
Blockbuster has parlayed these advantages to secure revenue-sharing arrangements with Hollywood studios, reinvigorating the home video rental industry and creating a sustainable competitive advantage over most local and regional home video chains.
So a potential inning-ending double play was parlayed into Molina's home run that broke open a 4-2 game.
a $9 million San Ramon-based system integration company which parlayed a $645,000 loan guaranteed at 50 percent to fulfill service commitments to major clients such as AT&T, Pacific Bell, Unisys and the State of California.
Defensive coordinator Ron Vanderlinden recently parlayed the Wildcats' success into the head-coaching job at Maryland.
Schlienger has parlayed more than 30 years of engineering experience into a successful company that manufactures and markets specialized furnaces used to melt metals such as titanium and aluminum.
He parlayed that degree into a career in advertising.
Hamill has successfully parlayed her Gold Medal at the 1976 Innsbruck Olympics into a career as a professional performer, producer, industry executive and leading international spokeswoman.