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He parlayed his skills as a journalist, muckraker, and gadfly into a job as editor of Mother Jones, where his managerial and personal shortcomings were quickly exposed in an unusually short-lived tenure.
KID ROCK: Justin Roberts parlayed his experience as a Montessori preschool teacher and front man for indie-rock group Pimentos for Gus into his current gig: children's music singer.
Philip Randolph, and of Walter White and Roy Wilkins, who skillfully parlayed wartime racial advances into the leaps forward of post-war America.
A year later, he parlayed that big break into his own venture - Lifestyle & Entertainment Systems of Atlanta Inc.
Louis rapper who parlayed ``Country Grammar'' into a breakthrough hit, is back with not one, but two new albums.
In the 28th and final meeting between the teams, Lake Elsinore parlayed three home runs and 21 hits into a 15-6 victory at Lancaster Municipal Stadium on Thursday.
He started with $4,000 and parlayed that sum into a $10,000 seat in the event.
In round one, Nederlander successfully parlayed its extensive insider influence and had a contract extension sewed up until public outcry and a petition drive to put the issue to a public vote forced the City Council to back down.
The company has parlayed that position into consistent and impressive business momentum, with significant wins at some of the world's most successful global enterprises," said Bob Davoli, managing director, Sigma Partners.
Taking complete advantage of Muir's inability to protect the football, Eagle Rock parlayed seven fumbles into solid field position an amazingly easy 51-7 nonleague victory over Muir.