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She further said that the women parliamentarians have been participating in the six percent of the legislation but the Federal government has not been releasing the funds after assuring them in the beforehand.
He said that, "Due to security reasons and other engagements, the Parliamentarians could not avail the opportunity to take part in physical activities.
Township Supervisor Sharon Langlotz-Johnson is among the elected officials looking forward to having the parliamentarian.
As parliamentarians, political leaders are fully entitled to criticise the government and its functionaries both in and outside parliament in political speeches but sending curses to parliament as an institution is unheard of and totally unacceptable.
Building on his work promoting collaboration and discussion among Canadian parliamentarians with disabilities, in this article the author highlights plans for an exploratory conference looking to establish a Commonwealth-wide network.
Shazia Mary, parliamentarian of PPP has termed the survey regarding popularity of the PM baseless and said that such survey reports were compiled to gain specific interests adding that popularity of the PM has cleared.
The parliamentarians of the faction have come with support of the electorate and actions of the parliamentarians, who forgot that and play their political games, are unclear.
15 -- The 19th day of June 2013 was a silent witness to the historic gathering of an august assembly, comprising eminent thinkers, leaders, activists and Parliamentarians from diverse communities and walks of life, at India International Centre, New Delhi, for discussing a highly relevant concern of our country -- 'Enhancing the Relevance and Effectiveness of the Parliament and the Parliamentarians'.
The offices of the parliamentarian serve all members of their respective chambers, but they are most often seen advising the presiding member of the House and Senate during plenary sessions.
It was emphasized that parliamentarians represent the people, and therefore in a better position to build greater understanding and friendship between its people and the two countries.
ISLAMABAD, July 23 -- People from different segments of society observed that the degree condition for the parliamentarians should be obligatory, as uneducated people cannot represent the masses at the national and international forums, Daily Times learnt on Thursday.
The attack occurred in Baghlan Province as a group of 18 parliamentarians was about to tour a sugar factory, said parliamentarian Shukria Barakzai, who survived the attack.

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