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She could only reply, that, being summoned to the parlor by the cries of Violet and Peony, she found no trace of the little white maiden, unless it were the remains of a heap of snow, which, while she was gazing at it, melted quite away upon the hearth-rug.
What has been established as an element of good to one being may prove absolute mischief to another; even as the warmth of the parlor was proper enough for children of flesh and blood, like Violet and Peony,--though by no means very wholesome, even for them,--but involved nothing short of annihilation to the unfortunate snow-image.
Beauty parlors particularly are witnessing a huge influx of customers these days.
Beauty parlors and salons in the capital did brisk business as customers made last minute appointments to look their best on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr.
Canadians, including owners of massage parlors, are waiting for the landmark decision of the Canadian Supreme Court on Friday on the validity of the country's current anti-prostitution law.
Areas like Sarai Kale Khan, Chuna Bhatti, Taimoor Nagar, Okhla Mandi, Kalkaji Temple and Punjabi Bagh house a number of such porn parlors, which play Bollywood films in the day and porn videos in the night.
Patrick vetoed legislation for three casinos and two so-called racinos at racetracks last summer, based on his objection to licensing slot parlors.
The college-trained masseuse at the Red Room Time foot massage parlor and beauty salon, which opened last year on the ground floor of an apartment building, competes with other women her age for customers at seven foot massage parlors over three blocks of a common northeast Beijing residential area.
Pachinko parlors are unregulated and cause numerous headaches for their approximately 2,000 industry suppliers--meaning that interest in investment is very low.
McLean said she was not against tattoo parlors - at least seven operate in the city - but she believes they're ill-suited for a depressed neighborhood in the midst of renewal.
Nestle SA has announced that it has launched a chain of ice cream parlors in Argentina, under the brand name of its popular packaged ice cream Frigor.