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Today's results of the local elections in England will underline the parlous state of the government.
However, given the parlous state of the environment I believe he does not go far enough.
``The whole community has played its part in bringing this club out of the parlous position it was in and now I want the community to tell me what they feel our club should be known as.''
But every cloud has a silver lining and in this case it is the parlous state of the Central Library, alongside the redevelopment potential of Paradise Circus, that unlocks the potential for a pounds 1 billion transformation of a largely dysfunctional part of the city centre.
Shadow health secretary David Blunkett highlighted the parlous state of the NHS dental service.
Finally I would remind Councillor Powell (who, to my mind should, have known these commonsense answers) that our current parlous GDP has come about while suffering under Westminster Government for these many, many years.
He said: "I think the party is in a pretty parlous state today.
Given the parlous financial state a number of clubs have been left in by the ITV Digital collapse, many view the situation as any money being better than none.
But the big question remains: is anyone with the power to do something about the parlous state of public transport in this region actually listening?
Sir - All the reports we are getting about the parlous state of the NHS in Wales are very worrying.
Cash-rich but the parlous state of the Italian car industry keeps spending under control.
Despite farming's parlous state in recent years, it is not the lack of customers for its tractors that has signalled the end of tractor manufacturing in Coventry.