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DEAR Editor, Listening to Jeremy Corbyn's speech at the Labour Party conference, the UK must be in a parlous state.
The BFG's parlous situation peters out in the first hour leaving a goodlooking but emotionally empty second half.
It's the biggest anti-trade block in the world and the EU's economy without the UK's trade would be in a much more parlous state than it already is.
AS we all know, Midlands football is in a parlous state with so many teams now in the Championship.
SUNDERLAND'S fight for survival at the foot of the Premier League was left looking ever more parlous as Michail Antonio firedWestHamUnited to a 1-0 win in their excellent final season at Upton Park on Saturday.
Nor do you know what the venue will be like when you get there, as was experienced last week by Jim Davidson, who went on to Twitter to complain about the backstage facilities and general parlous state of one particular council-run establishment.
He added that uncertainty over Scotland's currency arrangements 'could prompt capital flight from the country, leaving its financial system in a parlous state.
Add in the parlous state of its surroundings and bus station, it's a wonder some tourists make it past the taxi rank.
Certainly Paul Lambert can ill-afford to play for a 0-0 draw in the parlous state Villa are in, so the promise is for a match with plenty of attacking intent and, therefore, corners.
Summary: TOKYO -- Sagging export markets in Europe and Asia left Japan with a much worse-than-expected trade deficit, figures showed Wednesday, ringing alarm bells over the parlous state of the global economy.
Power said his concern was prompted by the parlous situation of the Wilcannia-Forbes diocese, which covers more than half of New South Wales state but has only 20 parishes and 15 priests, and has been without a bishop since 2009.
A task at which it has spectacularly and singularly failed when one examines the results of those budget decisions leaving Wales in a parlous state regarding health, education and economy.