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If Mr Bach wants proof that academics are caught in it he merely has to look at the parlous condition of our state education system in which one of the many stupidities is that competitive sport has been banned for the crazy reason that there are winners and losers.
This is a very French malaise, and France (like us) is running a huge national debt, and is in a parlous financial state.
I would never claim that the last Labour government, or any government didn't make mistakes, but even on immigration the NHS and care services would be in a parlous state without foreign doctors, nurses and care workers.
Certainly Paul Lambert can ill-afford to play for a 0-0 draw in the parlous state Villa are in, so the promise is for a match with plenty of attacking intent and, therefore, corners.
Summary: TOKYO -- Sagging export markets in Europe and Asia left Japan with a much worse-than-expected trade deficit, figures showed Wednesday, ringing alarm bells over the parlous state of the global economy.
Power said his concern was prompted by the parlous situation of the Wilcannia-Forbes diocese, which covers more than half of New South Wales state but has only 20 parishes and 15 priests, and has been without a bishop since 2009.
A task at which it has spectacularly and singularly failed when one examines the results of those budget decisions leaving Wales in a parlous state regarding health, education and economy.
Less overtly political, Springsteen explores the parlous state of individuals in a nation whose government seems to have forgotten just why it was instituted in the first place.
He has stayed loyal to Valencia - but the club's parlous financial position means they will listen to offers and a bid of about pounds 30million might succeed.
The online winter issue will include an interview with Kathryn Fleming ACMA (pictured), the new FD of international law firm Eversheds; an examination of the parlous state of public finances in most major economies and how these debts should be repaid; a stark warning about business ethics; and tips on how to be a good mentor.
Musgrave Group, the Irish owner of Budgens and Londis, put a 20% drop in group profits down to increased investment in lowering prices and the parlous state of the Irish economy.
Certainly, the parlous condition of state hospitals does not augur well for the future of the country's healthcare if the private sector vanishes.