parlous state

See: peril
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It was clear that the miscreant was in a parlous state.
Incredibly, Theresa May and her colleagues either ignored or didn't realise the parlous state Carillion was in and continued to award huge contracts to it.
Brexiteers, instead of being mean spirited, should come to understand that Britain is in such a parlous state of political chaos because its democratic processes are not yet complete.
It's the biggest anti-trade block in the world and the EU's economy without the UK's trade would be in a much more parlous state than it already is.
The deal also demonstrates the parlous state of the Greek banking sector.
This parlous state of affairs is a direct result of New Labour's idiotic target of sending 50% of young people to university, turning higher education into a business like widget manufacture.
Where would they be now with the parlous state of the North Sea oil industry?
There were rumours yesterday that Hadi may have left Yemen, which would leave his supporters in a parlous state.
They continually put forward the tried and failed policies that have put this country in such a parlous state.
But Birmingham City Council's finances are in a parlous state.
He added that uncertainty over Scotland's currency arrangements 'could prompt capital flight from the country, leaving its financial system in a parlous state.