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Part VII, 'The Codex as Instrument of Reform', sharpens the focus to individual manuscripts, with Stephen Kelly and Ryan Perry on devotional compilations (Oxford, Bodleian Library, MSS Bodley 789 and Laud 23), and the shifting boundaries of orthodoxy and Wycliffite belief, Niamh Pattwell on Augustinian canons and the vernacular Sacerdos parochialis, and Amanda Moss on the devotional anthology Westminster School MS 3, with its mix of orthodox and heretical items.
Suffice it to say by way of example that the precise records preserved in the SPG missionaries' twice yearly returns, the Notitia parochialis, make it clear that as many nonwhites, Native Americans, and slaves were brought to Christian faith in the eighteenth century through the SPG's mission to North America as were reported a century later by the many evangelical missions from Britain.