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In descriptions that vary from quasi-ethnography to historical narratives, most of the writers do refer to cosmopolitanism and parochialism and show that they are far from being opposites.
Either way, they deserve a faster alternative, and the current version of parochialism practiced by the elected officials in those eastern parts of the county does a collective disservice to the constituents who live there.
Travelodge chief operating officer Guy Parsons said: "The research shows a worrying trend towards parochialism largely down to Britons not having travelled far beyond their own region.
It wasn't always so hard to imagine theater breaking through its parochialism to embrace other art forms.
The book's third and final chapter makes the case for transnational comparisons, explaining how putting the American South next to "other Souths" can reduce parochialism and help historians form meaningful generalizations and disprove unsound ones.
While the article speaks of the need to curtail parochial divisions between the logistics branches, this very selective half-measure only enhances the perception that parochialism is alive and well.
More than a week after the tsunami disaster struck perhaps we may be excused a little parochialism and the time to examine the UK's involvement in the tragedy.
This Klan parochialism may also account for why individual Klansmen were so easily intimidated by the FBI and so readily became informants.
The Australian Senate is a strange beast: nominally a house of States' rights, it has evolved into a vital cog in the legislative gears with little state parochialism.
The proponents of a regional assembly are merely pandering to the lowest form of parochialism and inverted snobbery.