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The result is that the presidency, by its very institutional design, is incentivized to view policy not parochially, but universally.
In any unequal, parochially defined set up, no method of governance can work.
More parochially, what we saw was we had loyal customers in George Henry Lee, but this store sucked customers in across our regional catchment area, from Wirral up to the Preston area.
Meet Jude and Stick, small-town parochially educated boys from Minnesota.
Unfortunately, constructivists themselves often inadvertently encourage these criticisms by talking carelessly or parochially about their work.
Neither Al-Maliki's parochially minded cohorts, nor ISIL's delusional hotheads appear to have any intention of steering Iraq clear away from the bleak future that awaits Iraqis, all Iraqis.
While some writers may have turned retrogressively and parochially away from transnational issues, others had a radically different approach and used aestheticism strategically as a response.
boundaries and cannot be parochially confined to the claimed good of the
Whether that's just academia, with a distinctively Jewish inflection, or maybe that's just life in a parochially Jewish institution, the permeability of internal boundaries as a defining feature of YU's institutional culture is perhaps better accounted for, I think, as the still-pressing need to think the space of conjunction and contiguity--to which, it should be said, YU at its best continues to strive.
The unfortunate result is that some readers will be left with a sense that Dyrness is parochially avoiding Catholic theology's pointed relevance to his arguments.
Tiles are parochially considered a mundane necessity and are assumed to play a larger role in decorating space," he said.
Keya Ganguly's overall argumentation in her study of the cinema of Satyajit Ray is to claim for the filmmaker a position in the history of world cinema and cultural modernity that tracks away from seeing Ray as parochially an Indian or Bengali filmmaker and to take him and India/Bengal's encounter with the modern out of the logics of alternate or derivative or belated modernities.