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More parochially, but not less importantly, those of us who are academics, that is, those of us who carry the gentle cudgels of reason and semantic precision have an obligation to notice when our language and our concepts are being used pejoratively and duplicitously, especially by those who claim to be among our number.
There were, of course, potentially negative corollaries to this: an increasing estrangement from Classical studies and the traditional primacy of texts in the study of this field and, more parochially, the gradual dissolution of that remarkably close linkage to the Roman Society to which the pages of its Jubilee Volume had borne witness; an increasing divergence from the practice of Roman archaeology in most other provinces of the Empire (with a few notable exceptions, such as that in the partially occupied Netherlands); a widening alienation from other branches of Classical archaeology.
The authors make plain that this is "not a parochially Australian study" and they keep true to their word.
No prayer for God's blessing should ever imply a privileging of some and the exclusion of others; this implies that we should all be prepared to cast aside our nationalistic songs, however edifying for our parochially contextual purposes they may be, in order to join all of humanity and all of creation in the march towards the unity and salvation that God has prepared.
For his willingness to take politically unpopular stands against member states acting parochially to protect vested interests, Monti has a well-earned reputation for being an independent actor within Europe, one who has called down as much ire from European national officials as from their counterparts in the U.
Trouble is, parochially minded groups and individuals within both the trade and consumer organisations are said to have doubts.
Far from cutting down this tall poppy, we have proudly, parochially, celebrated his work in the most uncritical fashion.
Association executives can help members focus on the process that the members' products support and on understanding the goals and objectives that the association wants to achieve in terms that are not parochially defined using industry terminology.
The intellectual tradition that informed the writing of the KH was clearly not parochially Hanaf[bar{i}].
And then, more parochially, if we build a firm that doesn't feel it ever has to sell out.
Indeed, if Eliot's poetic stature loomed large, his stature as a critic--as a critic of literature, first of all, but also, more parochially, as a social, moral, and religious critic--loomed even larger.
Develop-Man (and Develop-Woman, of course), mimic worldly Europeanness in the interest of being visibly cosmopolitan and modern, but parochially stylise the act to be in line with crucial local mannerisms.