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However, he also parodically plays with the "generic contract of fiction and history," especially in some of the ways in which he marketed the work in its original publication.
These endings also return to where this essay began: namely, with the initial critique of the black success novel accomplished via Himes's offering instead the carceral state of temporary anaesthetization from hurt and parodically infinite possibility, as well as far greater attention to the numerous "funerals performed" at the conclusions of his narratives.
These scenes and narratives mirrored one another, sometimes parodically, by framing one theatrical moment in another.
He argues that these diverse works "share a parodic energy," and that they "parodically mine and mime Richard III in such a way as to mediate perceived sources of authority, and the place of marginality and alterity, at the contemporary moment" (92).
Lady Conyngham, a friend and later mistress of the Prince of Wales, and Richardson's heroine Harriet Byron both become personae into whose garments Jane Austen can momentarily, even parodically, step.
With films such as Miller's Crossing and Barton Fink, the Coens amplify the critique of noir inaugurated in Blood Simple; these texts revisit the midcentury moment of high-noir but do so in order to parodically illuminate the means by which noir projects its universe.
Irigaray then proposes the term "mimesis" as a weapon to demolish these male-defined constructs: "by parodically mimicking conventional images of femininity and introducing into her performance an element of excess, [Woman] can expose the artifice and inauthenticity of these images" (49).
Nafissa's identification as a holy nun corresponds with the earlier Ragionamento, while parodically evoking the lives of sisters like St.
sort of show; Wednesday, the daughter parodically named after a Hollywood celebrity, (3) could cultivate her interest in the French Revolution (and its guillotines) without being trapped in a museum or nervous about defending her lifestyle.
As the men cross arms, join hands, and dance en pointe across the stage, they parodically re-enact the medieval Dance of Death, a reminder of the universality of mortality.