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The following also helped in crafting the Philippine national costume for the pageant: bull Eric Quiwa ndash Parol or Christmas Lantern Maker for Gray's national costumebull Rhyann Andrade ndash LED Lighting Designer and Installer for Gray's national costumebull Xiao Chua ndash historical and cultural consultant for Gray's national costumebull Kim Fababair, Marina Ceriola, Renee Avila ndash Helped in the Carlos "Botong" Francisco Mural inspired painting for Gray's national costumebull Tomas Ramirez ndash Helped in the Philippine Baroque Church Design Inspired Border Design (made and designed from Apalit, Pampanga- coordinated by Mak Tumang) for Gray's national costume NHCP said it still has not discussed the next public viewing date for the national costume with Gray's team.
At the back of the parol is a painting with inscriptions of the Philippine national anthem "Lupang Hinirang" written in Baybayin, ancient Filipino alphabet.
Activities include parol making contest, Winter Festival lights, caroling contest, exchanging gifts and more.
" [T]he side agreement satisfies the parol evidence rule because the trial court found it was not an antecedent or contemporaneous agreement.
Caption: The traditional Filipino "parol" (Christmas lantern)-making will be featured at the Philippine Fest
During the preliminary stage on September 27, Parol took the 8th place with 4 minutes 08.45 seconds.
By contrast, courts in California use a more liberal approach in which parol evidence is available in the first instance to determine whether the contract language is ambiguous and/or reasonably susceptible to a different interpretation.
The generally accepted statement of the parol evidence rule is that an integrated writing may not be varied or contradicted by evidence of any prior promises or conditions.
"An IED, planted on the roadside in Amiriya township, west of western Iraq's city of Falluja, blew up on Saturday against a police parol, wounding five of its policemen and causing damage to its vehicle," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Promise: Upon signing a publishing deal at r5 years old, Tina Parol spent most of her high school days cutting class to record music in Brooklyn.
Santa Fe's oldest cantina is El Parol, which has served residents since 1835.
The cement truck driver Salim Parol, 45, then applied brakes, causing a six-wheel truck to smash into it from behind.