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Most of the newly paroled have not been free a full year, but parole officials say the low rate of prison returns looks promising.
30) I ndeterminate sentences for felony offenses were introduced in 1919, although there were strict guidelines about their use and provisions that no one could be paroled before twelve months of their sentence had expired.
The prerelease assessment is intended to ensure that paroled sex offenders will be under the highest level of scrutiny, Schwarzenegger said in his announcement of the executive order.
A state inmate was prematurely paroled due to a state's clerical error and his parole was later revoked for misconduct.
California's parole chief, Jim L'Etoile, either resigned or was dismissed -- officials won't say which, citing personnel law -- after revelations that paroled sex offenders were placed in motels and hotels near Disneyland.
Parole officials have said repeatedly over the years that inmates were not released directly from the prison into Antelope Valley and that they didn't steer parolees to the valley - though they acknowledged that state law could bring in paroled offenders from other areas.
The program authorized the boards to place inmates who are not paroled but released due to good conduct abatement on mandatory supervision, as if on parole.
SACRAMENTO - With eight in 10 paroled inmates committing new crimes and returning to prison, lawmakers are advancing legislation that tackles the growing public-safety problem.
A detailed record is kept by the Parole Officer, under a special system recently devised and put in operation, by means of which the status, condition, and whereabouts of each paroled prisoner can at any time be ascertained at a glance.
Most paroled prisoners - about 95 percent - re-enter society when their sentence dictates.
When a high-risk sex offender from Orange County was paroled to a Palmdale apartment in April 2000, public protests and opposition from then-Assemblyman George Runner, Sharon Runner's husband, led state officials to move him out in the middle of the night to an undisclosed Central California town.