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Dominic Cinelli, the parolee who killed veteran Woburn Police Officer John Maguire in a shootout, had been serving three concurrent life sentences before being released on parole in 2009.
The parolee in question was also the first person to be interviewed by the parole board, which was set up this year and marked a significant moment for the island's penal system.
If parole is revoked and the parolee serves a prison term for the revocation, the time in custody does not count toward the supervision term originally assigned, and the parole discharge date is moved back.
The costs of breaking the law are greater if a parolee is living with a spouse or holding a job than if the parolee is single or unemployed.
The parolee subsequently had several audiorecorded meetings with Gygi on her property in Westlake, south of Florence, authorities said.
Comment argues that the best solution to the heterodox parolee problem
Despite using a geographically similar sample of parolees under comparable procedures with the same GPS technology, the researchers found contrasting results.
69) It was placed there in response to the high volume of parolees continuously returning to that neighborhood, (70) and its basic principle is to successfully reintegrate the parolee with society through a judge supervised program, similar to a problem-solving court model.
Administrators choose whether to accept a parolee, he said.
La Bodega accepts parolees released into the Ninth and Seventh police precincts who also meet two additional criteria: 1) the parolee must have a history of substance abuse; and 2) there must be at least one family member willing to participate in the program.