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HAART use may herpes simplex, linear be associated with a gingival erythema, lower prevalence of parotid enlargement, oral lesions recurrent oral (especially oral hairy ulcerations.
Regarding some peculiarities observed in some of the patients, there was a parotid enlargement found in one RA patient taking MTX, which might be a marker of salivary gland dysfunction and/or an early sign of secondary Sjogren's syndrome.
Non-HIV causes of parotid enlargement should include Sjorgen's syndrome.
Observations on parotid enlargement in the United States and Europe are further complicated by the fact that HIV-infected patients are frequently treated with steroids and antiretroviral agents, such as zidovudine, which have clearly been shown to reduce parotid swelling[15,18] and improve patient survival.
Bilateral parotid enlargement as a consequence of bulimia nervosa has been well documented in the literature (1-4) Although the exact mechanism is not well understood, several hypotheses exist.