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The parrot and the mockingbird were the property of Madame Lebrun, and they had the right to make all the noise they wished.
She thought that one of her slaves must have been telling tales of her, but they told her it was the parrot, and she resolved to revenge herself on him.
After due consideration she informed the Prince that the object of his search was not far distant, but that it was too difficult for him to attempt to enter the enchanted palace where she was, as the King his father had surrounded it with a thick cloud, and that the only expedient she could think of would be to gain possession of the Princess's parrot.
He waved his hand for silence, and went on, "Can you tell me why the tortoise lives more long than generations of men, why the elephant goes on and on till he have sees dynasties, and why the parrot never die only of bite of cat of dog or other complaint?
Friend Conseil," said Ned, gravely, "the parrot is like pheasant to those who have nothing else.
Would that we might for ever stay The rainbow glories of the world, The blue of the unfathomed sea, The rare azalea late unfurled, The parrot of a greener spring, The willows and the terrace line, The stranger from the night-steeped hills, The roselit brimming cup of wine.
She is under the big chestnut-tree," replied the spoiled brat, as he gave, in spite of his mother's commands, live flies to the parrot, which seemed keenly to relish such fare.
They were often seen on their lawn, dressed in loose blouses, and they had a parrot and a negro servant.
Madame, I am repeating like a parrot all the stories related to me by different Englishmen.
And if you had as much sense as the talking parrot I owned once you would have read between the lines that all I wanted you here for was to tell you what I think of you.
I fancy it was the parrot at the window, whetting his bill upon his cage-wires.
While we were getting it back again the parrot, which was in its cage, let out a squawk.