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In this study we have studied the efficacy of placing the graft by completely elevating the annulus and pars flaccida by 3600.
Examination revealed bilateral pathologies with acquired cholesteatoma of the pars flaccida portion of the right tympanic membrane.
In 2002 the perigastric technique was replaced by the pars flaccida approach.
It is classified into 2 types tubotympanic and attico antral depending on whether the disease process affects the pars tensa or pars flaccida of tympanic membrane.
14) The pars flaccida, which is the superior aspect of the drum, is made up primarily of collagen I; it also has multiple three-dimensional areas of collagen.
ACQUIRED: These lesions arise from either pars tensa or pars flaccida.
The most common location for a primary acquired cholesteatoma is the pars flaccida portion of the tympanic membrane.
Depending upon whether the disease process is affecting the pars tensa or the pars flaccida of the tympanic membrane, the disease can be classified into two types: tubotympanic and atticoantral.

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