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the attic (A) for pars faccida cholesteatoma; the tympanic cavity (T) for pars tensa cholesteatoma, congenital cholesteatoma, and cholesteatoma secondary to a tensa perforation
Retraction pockets of pars tensa in pediatric patients: Clinical evolution and treatment.
Myringoplasty may be recommended as a first attempt for perforations involving more than 65% of the pars tensa.
3) Signs Middle ear fluid 79 (100) Pars tensa retraction 26 (32.
Myringotomized mice develop myringosclerosis in the pars flaccida and not in the pars tensa.
The pars tensa perforation was classified according to the number of quadrants it occupied.
A subtotal perforation of at least 50% of the pars tensa was created with an otologic sickle knife.
We found that anterior and inferior pars tensa lesions, with or without squamous debris, can be successfully reduced, but that posterosuperior retractions respond less well when the ossicular chain has been eroded.
3) Dornhoffer described a classification system for pars tensa retractions (4) in 2000.
The patient underwent a revision ossiculoplasty and received a titanium TORP; a long-term ventilation tube was also inserted into the pars tensa.

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