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The parsimonious model included all the variables mentioned above with the exclusion of sex and years in competitive swimming.
It's not as if we've been parsimonious," said Ritchie.
Whether used as a substitute for staff training by parsimonious employers, or as a genuine medium for sharing ideas, the ubiquitous PowerPoint presentation has become as much a part of the modern workplace as cheesy buzzwords and performance reviews.
At the opening day of the 1953 meeting 21,000 flocked to the hill; today's crowds are somewhat sparser, granting parsimonious picnickers space to stretch out and enjoy the action.
The parsimonious refusal by Rachel Banner to accept money from the Electoral Commission citing it as a waste of public money was pure hypocrisy.
This year, the security firm that provides guards at Heartland Hospital has been accused of adopting Ebenezer's parsimonious ways.
Among their topics are reconstructing concordance trees and testing the coalescent model from genome-wide data sets, inference of a parsimonious species tree from multilocus data by minimizing deep coalescences, summarizing gene tree incongruence at multiple phylogenetic depths, and estimating species relationships and taxon distinctiveness in Sistrurus rattlesnakes using multilocus data.
In Canada, we understand the triplet 'bounty' was a one-off and somewhat parsimonious $10.
The results suggest that hypnosis may serve as a parsimonious, yet efficacious adjunct to standard medical care in the management of reduced peripheral blood flow in patients with Burger's disease.
Several cars I could mention are more parsimonious with juice.
The appalling sight of a parsimonious MoD dragging two wounded soldiers through the courts to claw back a few hundred pounds in compensation is just another symptom of this Government's shocking record on defence spending.
Due to the DWP's parsimonious attitude over mortgage assistance, it is obvious that compulsory mortgage protection is long overdue.