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For the moose, the most parsimonious resource model included two variables (river and random covariates; no.
Thus, using k = 6, the Gd matrix has the original size (called the M6 model), but considering k = 2, 3, 4, and 5, we have the more parsimonious reduced rank models M2, M3, M4, and M5, respectively.
While Sosu (2013) examined the two-factor models in his work, the fit of a more parsimonious one-factor model was not examined.
The primary objective of the study was to evaluate a set of survey items in order to determine the most parsimonious set of items needed to accurately measure the prevalence of certifications, licenses, and certificates in the U.S.
Company president, Paul Yarnold, PhD, said: “Analysis of crude death rate data available from 1937 to 2005 revealed a highly reliable and elegantly parsimonious statistical model:
incorporated positive and negative parts in an improved parsimonious multivariate Markov chain model [5].
In fact, the US has been decidedly parsimonious in praising the steps Bahrain has taken in terms of democratic advancement, while at the same time doing little to condemn continuing mindless violence on the streets and those who have a hand in its perpetration.
Using the backward stepwise Wald method [14], results for both the full and parsimonious models were obtained.
It's not as if we've been parsimonious," said Ritchie.
Whether used as a substitute for staff training by parsimonious employers, or as a genuine medium for sharing ideas, the ubiquitous PowerPoint presentation has become as much a part of the modern workplace as cheesy buzzwords and performance reviews.
At the opening day of the 1953 meeting 21,000 flocked to the hill; today's crowds are somewhat sparser, granting parsimonious picnickers space to stretch out and enjoy the action.
Nasrallah's assertions that a single psychotropic can treat different disorders ("Parsimonious pharmacotherapy" From the Editor, Current Psychiatry, May 2011, p.