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118 Ornament is parsimonious even when it seems to be opulent.
Daniels immediately put his parsimonious instincts to work writing the budget: coordinating the 20 or so political appointees working out of the White House with OMB's roughly 500 career civil servants, and attempting to evaluate whether every single federal program deserved more money or less.
He tells us about his parsimonious father and his extravagant mother; his first jobs (summer-camp waiter, hotel groundskeeper); his "little excursions into the backwaters and shit holes of the world"; his stint as a merchant seaman on the S.
There was also a discussion on post-traumatic stress and physical injuries compensation for our troops returning from war zones in view of the parsimonious attitude adopted by the MoD to those who put their lives on the line in the course of duty.
As I have pointed out before, an interesting feature of our difficulties over the past 12 months has been the tentative cranking up of language, with everyone in fear of talking down the economy, until it became obvious awful reality was running way ahead of parsimonious vocabulary.
If these public servants were a bit more parsimonious with our money perhaps our council tax could go down, instead of up, up, up
Top speed is limited to the usual killjoy 155, but fuel consumption is a commendable 20mpg for the V12 and a positively parsimonious 23 for the V8.
Among the bands are The Dakotas, Goodfellas, Jalapenos, Nod Corner, Monkey House, Jeepster and Doctor Parsimonious and the Stingy Gits.
The notoriously parsimonious Brown is expected to deliver on education, the NHS and provide help for the jobless and poorest of families.
Whether today's parsimonious potties are as good as yesterday's commodious commodes is not the issue.
Furthermore, the pattern of associations among measures of these domains and measures of children's verbal ability and peer competence provide some evidence that a two-factor model may provide a more accurate and parsimonious description of young children's social cognitive processing.
99) The Poet Laureate has created not just a wonderfully entertaining tale - featuring Ebenezer's equally parsimonious widow - but she's also provided a platform for us to revalue what Christmas and giving really mean.