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This study examines the interaction between short interest and the Hou and Moskowitz (2005) measure of Delay, which parsimoniously characterizes frictions in the flow of market-wide information into prices or the delay with which stock prices respond to information.
Some of the small leftist and Nasserist parties went beyond the pale of decency and common sense in vilifying the Islamists for winning "more seats than they should" as if the Islamists were supposed to ask the voters to vote for them sparingly or parsimoniously.
Nevertheless, we comply with the objective of the article: showing that relaxing additivity parsimoniously can significantly improve the ability of the structural model to fit the data.
For example, in 1946 the government parsimoniously cancelled the Miles M.
In order to achieve development outcomes superior to those stemming from the spontaneous and anarchic interplay of market forces, they should be parsimoniously focused on a pragmatic and selective form of strategic planning.
The aligned dataset consisted of 600 nucleotides with 193 variable sites which were parsimoniously informative.
While BIRGing and CORFing behaviors have been parsimoniously defined, they have yet to be operationally defined into comprehensive empirical measures.
In this study, we only parsimoniously examined two such residuals at the industry-level, namely industry concentration and structural uncertainty.
Aluminum, which has a high environmental impact, was used parsimoniously.
Our bill included three very large glasses of red wine for me, whilst the rest of my table parsimoniously drank water.
The difference in MSPEs for the ST-AR model and a more parsimoniously parameterized VAR is often small, especially for short horizons; and the disaggregate AR can provide some (small) forecasting advantages over the more heavily parameterized ST-AR model at short horizons but is inferior at long horizons.
By contrast, profit that is parsimoniously invested 'affords maintenance to an additional number of productive hands', thereby diffusing consumption more widely and encouraging the circulation of capital upon which the 'natural progress of opulence' depends (Smith, 1976, 338).