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Having identified and described five prototypical dimensions of national character that parsimoniously describe our set of national character qualities, we next employed Goldberg's (2006) method to explore the hierarchical structure of rotated orthogonal factors.
This negates, to some extent, the reduction in the MSPEs gained by reducing parameter uncertainty in the more parsimoniously parameterized ST-AR model.
Using the two-dimensional framework to describe the client host country environments allows us to meaningfully and parsimoniously understand the challenges faced by clients while operating in uncertain host country environments.
I also attempted to show how research conducted by cognitively oriented speech and language researchers can be parsimoniously interpreted according to the experimentally established principles of behavior analysis.
This assumption is common to many term structure models (for example, Vasicek; Cox and others) and parsimoniously captures the risk factors that determine the term structure of interest rates.
The computational neuroscience view (represented by Stephen Grossberg) is that BICA should parsimoniously explain in detail how the brain works in the rich and unpredictable real world.
Of course, these findings require further inquiry, as it may turn out that the lack of a correlation between the clinical and other program components is more parsimoniously attributed to restricted variance, limitations in the coverage and overlap in clinical and other assessments, or that the lack of a significant linear correlation may be due to a threshold effect in which only a certain modest level of academic accomplishment is required for teaching competence, and accomplishment beyond that threshold value has diminishing influence (i.
After evaluating 360 morphological features, Seiffert decided that, although the adapiforms shared certain traits with anthropoids--the loss of a third upper and lower premolar, for example--those characteristics had arisen more than once among primates and were "most parsimoniously interpreted as evolutionary convergences" Ida was not a haplorhine anthropoid, in other words, but rather a strepsirrhine (a group including lemurs and lorises) that "left no known descendants.
Thus, adaptive design is not required to parsimoniously explain the pushing behavior.
Bookmakers will continue to stay ahead of the game if they price the golden boy of golf so parsimoniously.
With respect to the politics of the Middle East and other Muslim-majority regions, the authors wisely counsel against lumping all Islamic movements together or tarring them all with a "totalitarian" brush so as to more parsimoniously divide the world into "pro-terrorist" and "pro-American" camps.
This framework may help us focus more parsimoniously on a set of measures that do not require a forest of data collection and chart abstraction.