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I came to associate pleasure with lavishness and joylessness with the parsimoniousness of my parents: extravagance became a way of not being them.
The Babylonian king likewise complained about Egyptian parsimoniousness in its shipments of gold, but he adopted a more indirect approach.
Prior to evaluating their usefulness, an empirical analysis of the parsimoniousness of the Van Maanen and Schein dimensions is necessary.
Throughout the book, there is both a sad and funny sub-text involving church politics, personality conflict and parsimoniousness (especially in the equipping of the library) drawn from presbytery and synod minutes of the day.
The aim at parsimoniousness that attends the elimination of joy, ecstasy, sorrow, despair and other such words as accurate descriptions of our feelings, and the replacement of them with energized, enervated, depressed, stable, unstable can be seen likewise as cynical and therefore feeble notions, which lack both scope and integrity.
Leith is, of course, a Scottish name and besides Presbyterianism my ancestors seem to have imported a certain parsimoniousness.
Correspondence with publishers, agents, colleagues, and friends demonstrates the composer's famed parsimoniousness but also reveals his unstudied - albeit rough - social charm, which helped earn him devoted admirers.
For the sake of parsimoniousness, we therefore combined the data over the entire time period.
This may be a long-term prospect, given the regulators' parsimoniousness.