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His ability to capture the psychology of his subjects--whether it be the unhealthy relationship that existed between Georges d'Armagnac, Bishop of Rodez, and his secretary Guillaume Philandrier or a Pope whose august demeanor could not disguise a parsimoniousness of spirit--inspires awe.
Noting that the Canadian government had promised to send $53 million to help combat AIDS in Africa, he berated it for its parsimoniousness, opining that Canada's contribution should be at least $300 million.
The Babylonian king likewise complained about Egyptian parsimoniousness in its shipments of gold, but he adopted a more indirect approach.
Prior to evaluating their usefulness, an empirical analysis of the parsimoniousness of the Van Maanen and Schein dimensions is necessary.
Throughout the book, there is both a sad and funny sub-text involving church politics, personality conflict and parsimoniousness (especially in the equipping of the library) drawn from presbytery and synod minutes of the day.