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The agnostic model considers that both increases and decreases in genome size are equally likely, and was implemented here using squared-change (SP) and linear (WP) parsimony methods of ancestral character reconstruction.
Griffin's rallying call for a return to mentalism clearly struck a chord with some ethologists, though the move in recent years has been towards a more constrained anthropomorphism that maintains the assumption of mental continuity between species while leaving space for parsimony.
Parsimony analyses indicated that the Decabrachia was divided into 3 parallel clades (88% MP in Fig.
An exception is the provocative early chapter by Betty Glad, in which the author makes the case that in contrast to the constant demand for greater abstraction and parsimony in social science theories, personality studies should be an important part of a rich intellectual "mosaic--a complex body of theories," in which "the kinds of proofs offered will vary with the nature of the inquiry undertaken" and where "one process does not fit all inquiry" (p.
Phylogenetic trees obtained using parsimony and maximum likelihood (ML) methods su ggest that there have been three or four independent transitions from terrestrial to aquatic habitats within the homobasidiomycetes.
Phaidon have done Driller a great disservice in the design of this book and their parsimony has worked to the detriment of what is a useful study.
Pouring over archives, they tend to choose an outstanding cause for parsimony, rather than the complex tangle that often existed.
Distance and parsimony analyses of the aligned DNA sequences were done with PAUP (Swofford, 1998).
The third relates to his account of the rule of law, in particular, his aggressive elaboration of Lon Fuller's well-known conception of the formal principles of legality to include a requirement of "compossibility" and the parsimony of rights.
Parsimony analyses on the alignments were conducted with PHYLIP v3.57c (Felsenstein 1993) on phylogenetically informative characters only, with gaps being treated as a fifth character state.