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tabaci from different regions of the world obtained (courtesy Laura Boykin) and analyzed using maximum parsimony method revealed the presence of 3 genetic groups (Thomas et al.
The maximum parsimony analysis produced three equally parsimonious trees (not shown) that were consistent with the maximum likelihood tree (Fig.
Such parsimony is not mimicked by the good bank, but the 1% of profits it has pledged the foundation this year may amount to nothing at all, sadly.
Having never successfully defended less than 149 in T20, Warwickshire had little margin for error but while Carter conceded just four runs from his first two overs his parsimony was not matched at the other end.
Students begin with a materials-based problem set that introduces them to concepts of phylogenetic analysis, including homology, convergence, parsimony, and ancestral versus derived characters.
In lieu of, say, Andy Warhol's nonchalant blankness, we find a passive-aggressive parsimony.
When funding science, it's almost impossible to know the difference between shortsighted parsimony and prudent rejection of frippery.
We conducted several heuristic searches of both separate and combined data matrices, with and without indel characters, using the maximum parsimony criterion in Paup * 4.
For reasons that are unclear (oversight, vindictiveness, parsimony - take your pick), judges did not receive the routine cost-of-living increase for federal employees seven times in the past 16 years.
It has been a long time coming and needed a fight by the British Legion to overturn the parsimony of those civil servants who have never seen a shot fired in anger, nor have a medal with which to decorate their bean counting chests.
Surrey coach Geoff Arnold, former England pace bowler of renowed parsimony, winced at 34 no balls among 41 extras.