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While it is thoroughly imagined in its historical context, Parsimony is at its core the story of a family.
MEGA5: molecular evolutionary genetics analysis using maximum likelihood, evolutionary distance, and maximum parsimony methods.
Parsimony Staddon claims that the "sole purpose of science is to frame parsimonious laws and not to 'explain mental phenomena' with mentalistic ingredients" (p.
2010) observed that the application of statistical parsimony network analysis identified a strong association between breaks in network connectivity and species level separation.
Both weighted parsimony and Bayesian approaches, with some minor exceptions, yielded similar relationships.
Cases in which parsimony and compatibility methods will be positively misleading.
The approach adopted by the council, an observer might think, is one of pennypinching parsimony.
Students begin with a materials-based problem set that introduces them to concepts of phylogenetic analysis, including homology, convergence, parsimony, and ancestral versus derived characters.
When funding science, it's almost impossible to know the difference between shortsighted parsimony and prudent rejection of frippery.
In the interest of parsimony, she does not dwell on differences among Hispanic national origin groups.
It has been a long time coming and needed a fight by the British Legion to overturn the parsimony of those civil servants who have never seen a shot fired in anger, nor have a medal with which to decorate their bean counting chests.