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RECTORY, Eng. law. Corporeal real property, consisting of a church, glebe lands and tithes. 1 Chit. Pr. 163.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Aye, aye, the parsonage is but a small one," said she, after the first ebullition of surprise and satisfaction was over, "and very likely MAY be out of repair; but to hear a man apologising, as I thought, for a house that to my knowledge has five sitting rooms on the ground-floor, and I think the housekeeper told me could make up fifteen beds!-- and to you too, that had been used to live in Barton cottage!-- It seems quite ridiculous.
Take my word for it, that, if I am alive, I shall be paying a visit at Delaford Parsonage before Michaelmas; and I am sure I sha'nt go if Lucy an't there."
"We are not comparing it with Fullerton and Northanger -- we are considering it as a mere parsonage, small and confined, we allow, but decent, perhaps, and habitable; and altogether not inferior to the generality; or, in other words, I believe there are few country parsonages in England half so good.
Norris took possession of the White House, the Grants arrived at the Parsonage, and these events over, everything at Mansfield went on for some time as usual.
"Nobody loved plenty and hospitality more than herself; nobody more hated pitiful doings; the Parsonage, she believed, had never been wanting in comforts of any sort, had never borne a bad character in her time, but this was a way of going on that she could not understand.
"No, my dear child, we must not go in a swarm to the parsonage. And that old Glasgow suit of yours would never do.
Mary had been staying at the parsonage lately, and her mother might know very little of what had been passing in her mind.
Rivers and Hannah repaired to the parsonage: and so the old grange was abandoned.
She won the round robin event on the newer No.2 green by scoring a 21-11 victory over Camilla Parsonage (Burway & Meole Brace) and a 21-13 success over clubmate Ellie Davies.
Her favourite bit was a visit (for my sake) to Haworth Parsonage where the Bronte sisters wrote their novels, and a walk on the moors they once trudged over.
Our home was once The Church of The Holy Spirit, an Episcopal church with an attached parsonage.
Then we moved to Wayne, New Jersey, this time into a four-bedroom parsonage. Our family was growing, so we accumulated children's bedroom furniture, toys, and more gadgets.