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The UCC Wednesday said it would partake in a planned demonstration Monday.
At times it includes the hours in which young girls go out or the social activities that they are allowed to partake in.
Under the schedule, Algerian companies and economic operators will partake in the international fairs of Khartoum (Sudan) in February, Cairo (Egypt) in March, Tripoli (Libya) from 2 to 12 April, Paris (France) from 29 April to 9 May, and Damascus (Syria) in July-August.
Visitors had an opportunity to view a special centennial video and to partake in various tour options.
to partake of any food that's inconsistent with their faith .
It is bad enough to be surrounded by straight entertainment (of which I do not partake, thanks, anyway), but to have to stomach Will & Grace, Queer Eye, and Queer as Folk?
Their mission is to apply biblical truth to those who partake in extreme sports.
On the other hand, those not members of the Catholic Church may not partake of the Holy Eucharist in the hope that this will bring about greater unity:
Residents in Terrace Bay and Marathon can now partake in the part-time certificate program on Friday mornings.
An eruv incorporates homes into a larger territory, allowing observant Orthodox Jews to partake in activities outside their homes that would ordinarily be prohibited on the Jewish Sabbath, such as pushing a baby stroller.
For $4,235, you and a friend can partake of a new offering called "The Ultimate Island Retreat.